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Author Topic: Roulette Politicians.  (Read 178 times)

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Roulette Politicians.
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:29:43 AM »
Let's face the facts!

There is a lot of "politics" practised on the forum. It is the politics of opinion and all we can rely on is the word of a gambler masked in a pseudonym. Crazy? No.

Our politics is fortunately caught up in testing the word so promises and claims will dissipate through time unless the word holds true to the tests we conduct.

There are mentors; the real "full metal jacket" wax on wax off type that keep the forum society in check. Applaud them we must. We have the moonshines and rocket fuel types all destined for new discoveries. Congratulate them; they go where no ball has bounced before. We have the missionaries preaching the old way as a new way to deal with the future of a spinning earth. We can not cast away the foundation of our game for fear of a random rock in space.
How do we with the complexities of such a simple game decide with whom our number belongs?

The candidates are not aware that there is no election date yet the scrambling for votes is ever hastened. There can not be a president of the game because each player is the president of his chosen path. The forum is a gathering of numbered worlds from first to third and what is carved on this pixel screen is the lot of the investment in yourself.
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