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"My name's George and I'm a college student"
« on: February 07, 2015, 12:29:28 AM »
My name's George and I'm a college student, 20, turn 21 this year.

I'd never gambled ever until last October. I started gambling because I wanted to see how good I'd be at picking winners in the NFL. I probably added 50 bucks my first time. I bet on the Eagles to win which they did and I thought man I'm pretty good. Added 200 and won twice and lost, these were all single wagers and I was enjoying the ride. Now in the US if you go to a state school you get Grant money which you can use to basically do as you like.

I had about $5000, I wanted a car so I thought to myself, why not just gamble maybe 500? Ok, I put in 500, lost it. Got upset and checked what else I could bet on (Biggest mistake of my life) because this when I would find the world that is Live dealer blackjack. It was a simple enough game, hell as a math major I figured I'd be able to learn the card counting systems easily. early November I signed on to 5dimes, I put in about 400, got up to 700 and I was patting myself on the back, really elated at this 'talent' I had for making easy money. It took me about 3 hours to make that 300, I lost it in the next half hour. After that happens you either do one of two things I suspect; either you stand back, realize that this is a frivolous way of making money, curse the Casino and automatically close your account OR you do the unfortunate thing that is succumb to your anger at losing and 'chase' the bet. Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever done, It's stupid because you throw away all inhibition and you play as if you're blacked out leaving it all to chance, saying to yourself No, this is the one, the dealer will definitely give me blackjack now, the fates have screwed me enough.

That 5K I got as grant money? Gone, in fact the 900 dollars a month I received for rent, room and board? I was spending maybe 600 of that on gambling, I was behind on my rent. The alienation with people I knew just happened overnight. I didn't skip classes, no I maintained my GPA around a 3.5 funny enough. I suspect that could have contributed to the continued addiction because if everything seems fine on the outside, then you don't think there's a problem. To me this was just spending some money to make some more cash. To buy myself a car finally. But the worst hadn't happened. December 21st, my monthly cash came. I'd decided I was gonna quit and save my money. What comes next was just messed up. I got the cash, put 300 in 5dimes, and said if I lose this, I'm done. I was literally resigned to leaving. What happened? I made $15,000 at blackjack in the space of 8 hours. I started off betting 30 bucks and I won every hand, within 2 hours I was betting 300 to 500 a hand. And I won EVERY hand, I don't know if this was some sort of test by some divine intervention to check and see if I'd truly leave. 15K up you'd think only a fool would stay. I was happy, just excited. I remember thinking what kinda car I'd buy once I took the cash out.

Then the greed came and I thought, I can flip this into a whole lot more. I bet on a couple of games. And 13k was left and I proceeded to lose all of it within the next 24 hours. Instead of leaving?  I put my saving in, about $1400 over the next month. I was 3 months behind on my rent, and I kept thinking -I'll pay my landlord once I get my big break That big break never came. Last Friday after losing and looking at my life, empty, just constantly stressed because of the lack of winning, the lack of finances, I didn't even get angry when I lost. I laughed, literally. Calculated how much I'd lost of my own money and it came to 7k. I decided to never play again. And this time I know I won't. I didn't close the account because I knew the tediousness of opening it would dissuade me, but if I left it open, I could fight the temptations themselves.

And as I write this, It's been 7 days since I last gambled. It's crazy how it's constantly on my mind and I WANT as if my body aches from not gambling. This NEED, it's like you feel alive in that semi circle throwing your life away. My social life died out, I reached out to an old friend a couple of days ago and we'll hang out, I'm re-entering society lol. I feel like I've been dead for the past 6-7 months. I feel freer day by day though and hopefully I'll have the strength to fight this disease. I know I wrote a lo, thank you all for listening.



Re: "My name's George and I'm a college student"
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2015, 04:29:46 PM »
It is a sad story and truth of 99% of the gamblers. 1% that gets in plus, in long run are due to two factors: 1. Good luck, obviously and 2. having a cool and informed mind. I call it positive gambling that is rare and maybe 1 in 1000 gamblers are capable of doing anything like that. Mostly people take gambling as a leisure or an addiction chasing the dreams. I advise limited gambling to only those fellows who are mature, have surplus money to spend or to waste and no serious liabilities that need savings. For an unemployed or student, it is no better than thinking of committing suicide.One should put upon table only that amount which one can afford to lose.


Re: "My name's George and I'm a college student"
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2015, 03:24:59 PM »

I strongly disagree with you and everybody else that thinks like you.

First thing that I don't agree with is the "fear" mentality that you are indirectly promoting.
What you've mentioned in your post can apply to every single BUSINESS or JOB in the world because there is no certainty for noone on this world (except for the private owners of the US national bank) and if we follow this advice of yours then all of us should just paralyze from fear and do nothing, because everything is potentially leading us to disaster.

I'd rather follow and give the advice:
if you don't know what you are doing, then don't do it.
And if you want to ever start doing it, learn how to do it right and then and only then start doing it.

The case described in Kav's post is classic gambler's case:
this boy, without learning in depth the BJ, invested his money and started playing it. And for the things to get worse, he played ONLINE. Even if we are not talking about RNG BJ (Rigged Numbers Generator RIPOFF haha) but live feed, playing BJ online is damn risky because there are no ways to prove that the casino is cheating on you or not. Hint for every unexperienced player: If you think that gambling commissions based in Curacao or Isle of Man care about your ass - you are dead wrong because they are not: they are just another piece of the big money puzzle where the-big-numbers-players dictate the rules (and change them whenever they like it).

The second that I disliked in the post is the shallow market targeting and discrimination of the players: I think totally the opposite, it is wisely to become pro if you are unemployed or student then if you already have a job/business because when you are unemployed/student you got plenty of time (actually my passion for roulette started developing when I was back in college and I was analyzing the French wheel while sobering after hard partying and it worked out better then a coffee or a morning sex) and you can invest that free time into learning. I'm discussed when I see someone who is currently unemployed and he is just sitting somewhere, in a cafe or local bookies and waste WHOLE day there just talking nonsense and wasting his dad's money without LEARNING ANYTHING.

Only knowledge beats fear.
And fear is the worst of all emotions.

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