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Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
« on: January 11, 2015, 10:43:37 PM »
I will start this story off with me(30 yr old) and my wife(21 yr old) sitting at a Chinese buffet. We were living in a 800 sg ft studio apt and hating life. We have 500 bucks to our name and that wasn't going to cut it. Just to live now a days it seems like you need to make 60k a year just to be semi happy.

So I throw this idea at her. The idea was that at this hotel/casino in Vegas i had a credit line of 10k. i received the credit from a buddy who worked there because  there would have been no way I would have qualified for it by just walking in and applying. So I say to my wife, why don't i try and gamble a little and see what happens and if I lose I can still come home with a little of that 10k and figure out a different plan. So we fly out and I ended up winning like 12k. So life is good, we move to a bigger apt and then like 2 months later the money has dwindled to like 3k. We fly back and win another 7k or so and life is good again for now. Of course a month or two later its time to go back again. We go back and now I win like 30k. Wow, life was really good now. Being a good husband I pay off every credit card my wife has and car payments etc. About 8k worth. I did that so we can keep the bills down.

Well 2 months go by and the cash is running out again. My wife was taking my debit card while I was sleeping and buying 50 dollar exercise classes, taking 400 bucks  to put hair extensions in and hairdryer, etc. I noticed stuff was getting out of hand but it was too late. Fellas you understand if you were with your wife when you won a bunch of money and she is giving you attitude because you are denying here to spend money, its not fun. The guilt trips etc..So we go back and i win 7k and it bought me a little more time. At the time when you are winning money over and over everything just seems to be ok..It just was like that. well 2 months later Im back to the drawing board again. I go to Las Vegas with some buddies and I win like 8k again and I still had 2 more days in Vegas. Well when i had that 8k I was like I need to win more. I keep winning like 7k and i end back there in like 2 I take that 8k and it turns to like 17k..I had one night left there and I kept telling myself I'm done with gambling.

Well. I wasn't. I went back down to gamble and lost that 17k and the 10k that i have credit with..So I ask for a raise on my credit to 20k and the hotel/casino gives it to me and I lost that 10k too. The flight home was terrible. i couldn't even listen to my ipod or anything. Well during that time I was gambling I ended up at another casino where the exec. host that i met there ended up being great friends with my casino host at the place where I lost 20k. I call him up and say I want to start gambling over there because I wanted a new environment. I ask him for a credit line of 10k and without checking my credit he gives it to me somehow. Well I try and turn that 10k into 20k and I play blackjack first. I turned 5k into 16k and then gave it back plus the other 5k. i ask to talk to a manager for a raise in credit and she comes and tells me no and that I shouldn't have received credit in the first place. Well she ended up growing up like 20 min from my moms house now and a small conversation turned into $2500 more. I take that 2500 bucks to the roulette table and turned it into 26k and then gave it all back that same seating. I had 1 dollar in my pocket and $450 at home and $250 in my online sports betting acct. In my huge beautiful hotel room I call my wife and tell her I lost everything..that was hard. i couldn't even afford to fly back home to Chicago.

Thanks to my one buddy's help with booking me a flight. Well while I was in my hotel room I place a few bets with my $250 online and in 24 hours i turned that $250 into 9k. It was miracle..I still don't know how I did it.. So I get home and I try to make that 9k into more and now I'm sitting here in my apt waiting for the rent check to bounce and I have 80 dollars in the acct.

What a crazy year. I don't know what to expect but I know its not going to be good. I owe 32k to two different casinos and cant pay them back. I think I will end up in prison, divorced and times i feel suicidal and at other times i try to take it like a man. I feel like blaming my wife somewhat but it is really all of my fault.

Gambling Addict

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Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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Wow Kav!,  This is a very powerful story.  Glad you posted this.  It shows the seriousness of how gambling affects us.  I also like the article you posted about the power of losing and in the impact it has on us. My grandfather had a gambling problem with horse racing and when he died he was 65,000 dollars in the hole.  I understand this scenario first hand. Nice post.
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Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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Thank you my friend. I find such stories invaluable to all of us.


Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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Superb story which I think is a true story maybe not of the amount that reflects here in this story but gambling addiction is a serious illness many don't recognise or accept as an illness.
From own experience I'm addicted but I hope I have more self control now after countless session with GA (gambling anonymous). The line between addiction or professional gambler are very thin. Definition of addiction and pleasure also very thin because if you crossing the line have no loss limit vs greediness were most of the people fail after winning and wants more - like the story above.
In 2008 I lost my job but received a redundancy package which could keep me going for three years without working but unfortunately my first winning was 10k and I was hooked. Always the winning keeps you going back for more, and losses if you cannot control it - it will drag you back to chase the losses which I mentioned self diciplinary is the key. How much you CAN lose and the daily target of winning. After I lost over 200K of my redundancy monies I started to borrow from relatives which they have trust in me because my appearance among them have huge creditbility - I asked for 10K, and I won some repay them within a month, and the story continues with up and downs - to make this story short I'm in debt (50K) and paying them off with my 9-17 job.
I know wish I never won the money in the first place but the devil inside everyone are different sometimes it takes longer to appear or never awaken. I have two daughter and still a wife (thank god she still supporting me going thru this), I feel ashamed everyday not keep my promise they are going to Disneyland that's for three years ago each christmas my oldest daughter reminding me of this promise- " Daddy will Santa give us the ticket to Disneyland" - lying to her is heartbreaking!
Thanks for reading and keep in mind NEVER EVER gamble over the limit that impact your family.
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Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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I thank you from my heart for sharing your story. Be strong.

You are absolutely correct that the line between addiction or professional gambler is very thin. Last night I read the book of Doyle Brunson, the legend pro poker player. He writes:

"The year 2004 had been a hard one for me. I had a gastric bypass operation and wasn't feeling too good at the WSOP. The cash games were better than they had been for years, and I was playing in them instead of the tournaments. I wasn't playing well and was also playing very unlucky.
I got loser, and instead of taking a break like I usually do when I go on an extended losing streak, I kept playing and I lost the staggering sum of $6 million.
I was seventy years old."

Now, why in the first place did someone 70 years old, who had a gastric bypass and doesn't feel well and has $6 million in the bank, want to play high stakes poker?!
Maybe because he is addicted to it? Yes, the line between addiction and professional gambler is very thin indeed.
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Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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I know it this is a difficult subject to talk about, but it takes a lot of courage to actually talk about it and get it in the open. My hat is off to you and I know you will beat that addiction.  Keep up the great work! You are on your way. I know it may be difficult now, but in the long run you will be in a much better position. You cannot change the past, but today is a new day. You have to forgive yourself.  Start from this point to be a man of your word. Pretty soon you will be in that position to take your daughter to Disneyland.  Hang in there.



Re: Las Vegas gambling roller coaster
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Thanks all for all kind words and encouragements,
Yes goal at the moment to be a better man and role model for them everything else is not important. Having that said talking of it subject was hard but once it get off your chest the relief you feel can not be describe. Going to GA meeting talking about depression each day it eases off and people who are in the same boat gives you a hand to climb over hurdles, understand you, showing sympathy and most of all someone to talk to which in the forum I find the same.

Quote from some books I read recently (I haven't read a book in years)
"Endure some short time pain for a longterm gain"

"Everything happens for a good reason and more importantly - every action has a reaction"

Be in touch,
Be safe, be healthy - be happy!
Best regards