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Just so I get this correct, In many instances, you wouldn't begin betting a number unless it has already hit 4 times. It would have had to hit at least twice in the original 37 numbers, plus twice in 18 numbers. So you would win on the 5th hit?

In Palestis' method at the top of this thread, it basically wins on most numbers hitting 3 times in 44 spins (18+26) or less.  I have had some good results from the original method. I am curious to see if looking back enhances it.


Re: Betting on hot numbers
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There are two trackers:

1) 18 spin window -- this will track only the last 18 spins and is looking for a repeat
2) Entire spin history -- this will count the number of hits and identify the 12 numbers that have hit the most

The tracker will start recommending bets early (before 37 spins) once 12 numbers have hit at least once.  So the betting can start with only a 2nd hit.

The foundational concept here is that the LotT MUST produce a hottest group of numbers over every spin sequence.  Amazingly it also MUST produce a coldest group of numbers.  Even this coldest group of numbers gains hits and can even do so rapidly but this method will not allow us to be fooled by the coldest selections nor even just ordinary selections but will make sure that we are betting true long-term winners.

Just to be clear, by "long-term" I mean the entire sequence length.  We are only betting numbers that are Kid Tested AND Mother Approved.

Coding Log (updated in real-time)

16:39 begin coding, creating initial framework, input routine
16:48 create bare input processing framework
16:59 create core processing logic
17:30 create output routine
19:11 create bet counter subroutine
19:28 create hot number indentifier subroutine
19:56 implement reset command
20:08 implement undo command -- NOT IMPLEMENTED
20:09 roughest draft of tracker complete, begin run testing/debugging
20:26 repairing bet selection/output logic
22:34 continue run testing/debugging
22:36 repair bet counter logic & duplicate master list entries bug
00:49 repair duplicate master list entry bug
01:05 adding cosmetic changes
01:16 Hot Tracker v1.0 Beta released
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Re: Betting on hot numbers
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The first row in white is the last 18 numbers.  The second row in yellow is the Master List of hottest numbers.  The third row in cyan is the recommended bets.

This is still beta but as far as I know it works perfectly.  I will do deeper testing/use later.

EDIT: Definitely not working right yet.  Still working on it.
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Re: Betting on hot numbers
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your tracker dont work, i cant open it ..... why



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If it won't open then you need to download the free compiler here:


Oh noes.  The compiler host is down.  I have the downloaded file.  It is 80MB.  Does anyone know where I can host this file?

In case there is anyone that has downloaded the file AND already has the compiler downloaded, this is a bit more complicated than it first appeared, due to the fact that numbers are added and removed from lists.  I think I have the solution but it will take some work and I will complete it at some point here...
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Re: Betting on hot numbers
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I am still using this system with some success.  I have made one change from Palestis' original method of play. I only play the numbers that repeat in 18 spins,  for a maximum of 20 spins instead of 26. In my play and manual testing, it performs slightly better.  Because of the length of some of the sessions, if you play at a B & M casino, like me,  the system seems best suited for fast Airball tables or live dealer tables that aren't busy.  Just curious if Palestis or anyone else has done any successful tweaking to this system?
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Re: Betting on hot numbers
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I am not so proficient at math these days. Does someone know or could calculate in how many spins a single number can be statistically expected to repeat 3 times in 38 spins, and also 4 times in 38 spins. This may have already been mentioned in a previous thread. I couldn't find it. Thanks.


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The chance of a number hitting 3 times within 38 spins in American roulette is 0,06 or 6% or 1/16,6.
Consequently, we can expect a phenomena like this to happen once in 633 spins. Since in 38 spins this has probability 1/16,6, we can expect it to occur, on average, after 38*16,6 = 633 spins

You can see how I made the calculations and learn to do them yourself here (see the last example):
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