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Author Topic: Gambling philosophy  (Read 1684 times)

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Gambling philosophy
« on: December 31, 2014, 03:41:07 PM »
I don't believe in luck,I believe in opportunities and life is full of them...
Allow me to give my own definition about luck;
Luck is when the good preparation meets the proper opportunity...!
Just think about it for a minute,what we call "luck"?
Isn't it the circumstances which are playing a very important role in our lives?
Circumstances may allow or may not to achieve what you if the half part is to be ready till the opportunity arises,the rest is the circumstance,chance,opportunity or whatever you want to call it.
And I'm not talking only about a way,life is a big gamble.
The way I think casinos is certainly NOT my enemy,but an enterprise which is giving me the chance to claim what I deserve.
When I'm winning,I'm not receiving the casinos money,but other gambler's money.
The casino is just a mediator,an arbitrary authority to provide a nice,comfortable venue and because of their expenses (salaries,taxes,security,service...etc) have to acquire a percentage of the total action,which I found very reasonable.
In gamble like in life many people want,have desires,but very few can achieve what they really want,the rest just compromise with their circumstances...
Some say gambling is a big problem because of the addiction,I say gambling is NOT necessarily a problem,BUT lack of moderation IS the problem and as a matter of fact,lack of moderation is problem for EVERY asset of life!
Even "harmless" things like watching TV and eating could be proved FATAL with lack of moderation!
If you ask me why I gamble,I would respond: It's the sense of independence,freedom,the sense of achievement and success through something NOT ordinary,nor easy.
My mentality receives difficulty as a really good challenge,an opportunity to achieve what very few can.
I'm also positive person from nature,when others say impossible,I say "why not...let's give it a try!"
In time,my experience became the equalizer of my positiveness and my realism and that's the KEY, BALANCE!
This is my approach in gambling,but I really do understand when others consider gambling as social disease and gamblers as lepers...
It's the same people who are considering money as the source of all evils!
Money is NOT evil,some people has no will of its own,people have and some of them are willing to kill,steal,rob,blackmail and deceive in order to gain it.
So who is the evil after all,the money or some people?!
Guns don't kill,people do...but it's always is easier to find a "skip goat" than to face reality!
Gambling is not a disease,but it could be many different things for different people...perhaps for some could be their way to realize their dreams and deepest desires.
While for some others could be a disaster...both statements could be true!!
You might wonder,how could two extremely different statements could be true?
The answer is in the notion: "The world you see is the world you be..."
In other words if you believe that something is negative,then it'll be for YOU because you believe so!
Our beliefs forming our reality before our eyes,faith is not to demand proof as a way to believe,but quite the opposite...first you believe,believe in yourself and then,and ONLY then,you can see the results!