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The Barometer
« on: February 01, 2018, 12:29:47 AM »
I assume every Roulette player has read Monte Carlo Anecdotes if not you should. It is essential reading for any serious Roulette player.

On page 123 there is a system called The Barometer.

This is a very good system as the maximum one could lose is 12 units.  I have not seen this discussed before.

It is somewhat complicated to play and in the past I did try to make an Excel Tracker for it as it's impossible to play online without some help due to the calculations needed each spin and only having 30 seconds in which to do them in.

There is something wrong with the tracker which I have attached.  I was hoping someone who is good with Excel and also someone who has some interest with this system could help me correct it?

I have pasted the rules below for the avoidance of doubt.

1. Always play for the intermittence or change
of colour, and cease staking after one loss, until
another intermittence occurs. Then play again
for the intermittence, and continue as long as
you win, but always stop after the first loss until
another intermittence occurs.

In this way you look on without playing
whenever a run occurs, and only recommence
when it breaks.

2. Always stake the same amount, viz. 1 unit.

3. Keep a record of your net results from the
commencement, and stop playing on any one
chance as soon as you have won 4 units on it.

4. After your score has reached + 4, you
continue marking the game, but without really
staking. If at any time your imaginary score
has descended from + 4 to o, you will then recommence
playing in reality, following exactly
the same rules as before.

Continue playing, subject to these rules, until the
net result of the three different games added together
amounts to double the capital you started with.
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