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Author Topic: Know a little more about the world.  (Read 575 times)

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Know a little more about the world.
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:17:36 AM »
I have travelled southern and central Africa extensively over the last few decades and I'll  do it all over again. There is diversity in everything from the people to landscapes to the animals. Nothing can compare to a first hand experience of traveling in Africa. Like all places in the world it has its fair share of dangers  so preparation like everywhere else is important to avoid potential danger hot spots. I have never been in a life threatening situation but I have had a few close encounters. I was mock charged by an irritated elephant; luckily there was an armed game ranger with us and he read the charge correctly so it ended with the elephant retreating back into the buffalo herd it was with. I was more concerned about the buffalo than the elephant though.

I enjoy watching documentaries/learning about different cultures and traditions from around the world. Take the Russians for example; I think they live very tough lives and the perception I have is that compared to the west they have limited freedom. Russia led the space race in many ways yet it is not seen as a technological hub. They have such a rich and colourful history.

Share something about your culture/traditions and feel free to ask me any questions about southern Africa and South Africa in particular.

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Re: Know a little more about the world.
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2018, 09:53:04 AM »
South Africa was a first world country not too long ago but today not so. The subjects on health that have popped up recently inspired me to add this post.

When people don't feel well for whatever reason, they rush off to their local doctor or a pharmacy to get a few "get well quick" pills. In South Africa this can not only be a costly exercise but a bad decision as well.
Costly exercise: we have state hospitals and medical aid schemes (medical insurance) for private hospitals. If you don't have hundreds of thousands of Rand (our currency) lying around or a good medical aid then you are at the mercy of the state. Panado (basic pain pillls) are issued for everything and that's after mostly a full days wait to see a doctor.
At a time with no medical aid, my daughter was involved in a car accident and not wearing a safety belt, she smashed her head into the windscreen of the car. She was rushed to a state hospital with a neck brace late that afternoon and wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher. She was then put in a congested passageway awaiting the doctors and was left like that until the next morning just after 6am. This is normal for state hospitals. Medical aid schemes have limits and if the treatment or hospital stay exceeds those limits, you either pay in cash or get transfered to a state hospital.
So to avoid the gauntlet of depleting medical aids and state hospitals, we are compelled to take care of our own health. Alternative treatments are a fast growing industry here. The safest way to live long here is to live healthy and invest in security and oh... get the best medical aid you can afford.
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Re: Know a little more about the world.
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2018, 06:09:15 AM »
Very interesting, and South Africa sound like a very interesting country.
I don't know much about it, but I think one of the problems is wealth inequality, few very rich and many poor or something like this. This also increases crime.

I'm not a communist, but I believe it is better for any country to have the less possible financial inequality.
Brazil is another example of great financial differences I believe.

Maybe this is a separate topic, but right now I think about the fact that like 1% of the people control like 50% of the wealth of the world.
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Re: Know a little more about the world.
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2018, 08:20:22 AM »
South Africa is indeed a beautiful country.

What the rest of the world hear about South Africa is mostly selected and edited news. The true facts would shock you.

Wealth inequality and poverty are true facts and are used more as a political tool. There are many aspects of first world governance that are lacking here. Corruption from the very top is rife. That on its own spells disaster.

I would rather not discuss this further least I get a visit from some not nice people.

There are some interesting sites linked to Facebook that create a more balanced picture of this country.

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