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Forum Guidelines
« on: December 26, 2014, 07:24:38 AM »
Hello friends,

I would like to point out a few very straightforward forum guidelines, so everyone understands what we consider a "contribution" and what we consider a "pain in the ass".

1. We are lighthearted and welcome any kind of post, from philosophical essays to funny videos. If you want to post something totally out of the topic of roulette you are welcome to do so in the Other topics board.

2. Newbies are welcome. You don't have to understand probability or be an experienced gambler to post here. Even the most naive questions or posts could start an interesting discussion. And this is all this board is about.

3. Do not to attack other members directly. If you disagree with their posts, focus on their words and not their personality.

4. Do not repeat yourself again and again and again. You are welcome to elaborate your thoughts in various post, but not repeat the same thing endlessly. Because it is boring.

5. Try to be as clear and understandable as possible. This shows effort, intelligence and gives credit to your writings. And helps communication.

6. Do not claim anything. ("I can read randomness") Nobody cares. Instead, try to contribute to the community by sharing what you know. ("This is how I read randomness")

7. Do not derogate and discourage other members from sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions or systems. Everyone who posts here has put some time and effort to it and he is to be treated with respect. If you disagree with their ideas please explain your views in a polite manner.

8. Don't be sly. Do not try to make money by your presence here.

Thanks for reading this.
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