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Author Topic: Catch the repeaters  (Read 430 times)

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Catch the repeaters
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:56:43 PM »
Sometimes we see a few numbers coming up again and again.  It is not possible to know which they are before, but a sign is it has started showing up.

We can take some numbers  between 5 and 12 different, I think 8 or 9 may  be best.

We bet a chip as they come, and when we get a hit, we add a chip to the number.
Sometimes we get a hit fast, and it is not sure it is best to resume every time we are on a new high.
We can try at least until we have a hit on a number with three chips.

The one on the picture I played for 200 spins. It went south at the start, but next cluster of hits made a fast recover.
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