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Re: There is a very lazy way of playing for profit...
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If you wanna invest in what you promote , you are welcome,  if not, l will delete your posts as a spam.
I promoted solidarity. In my perspective, I was going along with other users. Felicitation on your achievement. And going along as well on the angle of helping others as a way of return our success to the more unfortunate.
I need people to make money for themselves and a bit for me as well, is it you?
I'm waiting for your answer. Do you wanna invest your time and money to help these that really need it? Pm or answer to this post.   
I see you stand up for a kind-hearted behavior as well and you want to spread your path through the medium of roulette prosperity. I would love to help you however, to be honest, I'm not having much time even for my own ongoing roulette research. At best I'm getting one hour of free time a day. Some weeks I have more. Others less. It depends. At the moment I cannot endorse such a commitment. And please. Don't say I'm running away or something. Another user of this community knows I'm not bluffing because I had told him this same confession before this topic even existed. Last thing, don't judge myself, my post or my words together with bad connotation letterings. I'm trying to carry the exactly opposite tone.

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