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"Para-Shoot" IS my attempt playing a PARACHUTE-system, FLATBET Need help testing this...

*Note, the rules are not set in stone, i can only give general direction, then it's individual how you play it...

There are (4) LEVELS of bet;

This is how i play;

As long as i reach a new high, i play Level (1) only,
IF i have a small drawdown i play Level (1) & (2)
IF i have a greater drawdown i play All levels, (only rarely last level (4), That is a desperate try to recover, but most of the time it will hit!)

(1) a QUAD-bet (A Hit in column 1 or 3, then the Quad is placed within the unhit part of that DS). IF hit within 9 spins, then restart Level (1), IF NOT hit within 9 spins--continue spin UNTIL HIT-- When hit goto level (2)

(2) When the Quad hit--Bet the remaining 3 unhit numbers within that Quad. These 3 number are bet for 12 spins MAX, then STOP. IF you don't reach a new high when hit, goto level (3) **optional depending on the level of risk you want to take** OR ELSE restart level (1).

(3) Bet the remaining 2 unhit numbers within the Quad bet. (18 spins then STOP). IF you do not reach a new high, goto level 4 **optional**  OR ELSE restart level (1)

(4) Bet the last single number within the Quad, (36 spins then STOP). win or lose , Re-start at level (1) 

wingoal +100u (?) or less?
BR/Stoploss minimum 100u (?) perhaps 100-150

(First tests played with 1u bets, Random spins in RX)

9/10 Games won
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more spins...


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more spins...