Author Topic: VB is like Shreck or onion... it has layers ( levels).  (Read 791 times)

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VB is like Shreck or onion... it has layers ( levels).
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:19:00 AM »
 More or less 3 years ego l came to ask Real following qwestion " Why the hell me ( VB player exclusively at the time) do have mixed results..  one day it works OK,  others it just sucks... ?"
     He told me that VB have levels of understanding,  or layers .
     First folks learn how to determine reference number properly, then how to adjust for rotor...then how to include bias in the game... ets. Every step in the right direction maximise players edge.
    Sins then l made a proper research and training to achieve 5th layer of understanding and found myself alone there.
    My view on levels that player has to achieve are following:
   1. Adjusting for rotor properly
    2. Adjusting for observational errors
    3. Adjusting for changes in conditions
    4. Adjusting for imperfections on the wheel in changing conditions
    5. Adjusting for effect that imperfections do make on different dealer spinning habits.
         There is 6th level of understanding. ... it's proper money management,  constant curve fit in betting plan for observed changes in situation... and this is where l stacked. ...
    To determine best practices to follow l need a knolidge base constituted of previously profiled play situations. ... problem is : need proper data collected with full profile of variables. It's a work to perform by 2 trackers at least. One is to control VB things and other to watch and register bias things and affect that dealer has on these things. In short , it's a team work task.
    For one player army it's simply impossible. ...
           If there are there 2 man armies willing to invest their time and effort in pushing things forward for themselves and me ( as indirect beneficiary) ..  you are welcome to contact me.
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