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Re: 1-2-3 Hotstepper FLATBET
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SSB on its own is a method while it use triggers. After every hit the last 10 figures is the new trigger.SSB can also combined with other methods. Did you have tryed SSB?


Re: 1-2-3 Hotstepper FLATBET
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i like the idea of a strategy/system that include many smaller systems. Using the subsystem can be random or following .....

When l was only starting with roulette , l used to play 2:3 chances,  like cover 2 of 12 numbers groups on layout.  Obviously trying to avoid repeaters in these groups and covering " opposit" of what just hitted. 
      There were some triggers , like how often results were distrebuted equally between group's. ..ets.
      My strategy was based on intersections of these 2:3 opportunities . Like bet is supposed to be good for both ,  vertical lines and dousens at the same time. So l would bet intersection numbers .... l even used to account for black/ red, high/ low trend ( betting a bit more on numbers that qualify).
      Obviously it was a gambler fallacy, but sometimes it used to produce nice results.
     Now, when lm typing it , crazy idea came to actually try to program it in excel....
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