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Author Topic: The fine tradition of corrupt and well-honored politics  (Read 324 times)

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The fine tradition of corrupt and well-honored politics
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:38:47 PM »

The tradition of politics now and then, in any given Parliament, Senate or Congress, is to say one thing and do nothing about it when it comes to gradual or immediate execution. I speak of course of interests serving the people and not its elected politicians.

This is a fine, and corrupt-wise, well-honored form of politics fostered since ancient times in Athens where a similar sentiment was widely common among the elected archons (chief magistrates) whom were chosen by an easily fooled Dimos, who suffered from the well cultivated illusion that this expression for these elected magistrates that derived from the greek word demokratia really meant, rule of the people.

It is also one of the main reason the rich have remained rich, and the poor remained poor. What has become different after countless wars since that time, and up till our date, is that the middle class is and has been slowly eroded and disposed to the harmless heap of the poor. I say harmless because absolute power views anything beneath its purview of self granted souvereign might as harmless.

In a way, we have today this super oligarchy that like a great white shark never changed evolution wise, and by its ultimate peak on the food chain as a perfect killing and eating-machine, acts through a thoroughly corrupt head of state (read president or prime minister) who fights a feigned battle with his or hers parliament or senate and congress.

This is of course mirrored in Europe, by a similar scenario and governing body as a front for a European Oligarchy that strives to establish a single digital currency (SDR - Special Drawing Rights). The introduction of this currency will be a sweeping extermination of any competing crypto-currency and will be actualized quite effortessly,  because Oligarchs remain only such in power where there is no competition to speak of and he who owns the legislating body in any country owns the people.

This currency once introduced to any and all model citizens  will only be used through electronic accounts (minimum wage) in Banks owned by Oligarchs in order to keep the status quo of the above mentioned rule of our modern time Archons. The difference between these archons and those of the old is that the difference, reach and degree of power is beyond immense.

Such minute things as wars and extreme poverty will of course slowly vanish, or kept at a minimum as the business of war is but a fraction what the business of a complete financial slavery through endless debt has to offer. All regulated through a total electronic surveillance system, refined and developed to cover any and all aspects of life, where even gambling, will be strictly regulated and supervised and not one single cent or penny will be earned without the knowledge of said centralized  authority. People might complain about capitalism, and curse communism, but these seemingly extreme states of state policy is nothing compared to pure neofascism, where a perfectly concentrated amount of limitless capital and technology is in the hand of a few mentality disturbed individuals.

There is, of course, sufficient room for wish-thinking and alternate views to above bold claims, all presented with a measure of sweeping descriptions for the sake of the readers modern mindset that usually goes on smartphone timed limitations, but time ahead will swiftly cure any vane political opinions, or mindsets, still believing we live in a democracy, and even republic, where the best interests of the citizens supersedes any given interest of the supremely rich and untouchable.

Thank you for your time.  ;)
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