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Re: Genuine feedback.
« on: November 16, 2017, 03:14:40 AM »
If I win as much as MrPerfect says he won, I would not sell anything in the money that had already been earned enough livelihoods, but this is tax-free money. It's somehow reminiscent when almost all Roulette game method vendors say they win a game with their methods some less some more 40-1000000 Balvinder Sambhi RRSYS Pauls Cambell Adrian Buzan .etc but still the profit money is not enough for living when you need to make a sale in order to get the money and usually evidence of the profits withdraws are well-off for most of the talk without real evidences so common sense says their methods are not really so functional and sales must be done maybe because they get money from sales when it's a loss in roulette ;)
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Re: Re: Genuine feedback.
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LiveRouletteOnlinePlayer.... l do not care sells, l recrut people for work. I do not sell methods, it's not productive, l offer tools : timer, vb computer, introduction course to operate timer or vb computer at the form of "vb course". 
    I want people who work for me to be able to earn their payment themselves for themselves and some for me as well.
    I couldn't come up with better motivation for people then charge money for their education. It makes them pay attention and willing really to pay attention to details.  If you know any better motivator, please let me know.
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