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This days my blog will pass the 200000 views
I will use this occasion to launch a new old idea of me.
In the past I had founded three times successful roulette funds
Now I will launch "The Dobbelsteen SSB challenge""  for my Dutch and foreign followers.

SSB is my famous system or strategy which I have published in public about 35 years ago. It is a game of chances with a vey low risk of 1/2 ^10 or less.I will play the game in a Dutch B&M casino.I have the idea ,I can start the fund with about 2000 units (euros).I myself take 250 units . The minimum deposit is 20 euro per participant.

I cannot play on internet ,because is  forbidden  for Dutch gamblers. The financial authorities can follow you.

I can play in the present of Dutch participants. Further it is based on confidence.



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Did I understand it right (the video)? Bet opposite color using Martingale. I think if so it is a strategy which is very old, as old as the game.  I wish you good luck.  I am not sure I will take part in your offer. Just for curiosity if.


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Jesper you do not understand the strength of the SSB principle . The bet is not the opposite color.

Study the first dia of the video. There you find the example of an Excel sheet


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Congratulations  Dobbelsteen  on your Blog receiving over 200 Thousand views.!

While I don't agree with your   approach I recognise you as a REAL roulette player . Even, perhaps . an addict  ;D


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I thank all my followers. Scepticus I  am a particular addict. The random row of the roulette is my passion. Since the coming of the PC, I study these rows. I am convinced, the roulette can be beaten with systems, strategies and bet selection. The classic bet selection as Fibonacci ,D`Alembert,  La Bouchere are not suitable to beat the roulette.

In my early roulette days I wrote on the Dutch website that a profit of 1 a 2% is realistic. My opponents wrote I was mad and had a brain defect.

Yesterday I found on an old usb stick my first video from 20 years ago. It is Dutch spoken and rather long. In that time I already played more than one method When there was no trigger , I played one chip on red and black.

Enjoy the video.


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Bettling  both red and black? Do not use triggers? I thought those betting red and black do it waiting triggers. I can read and good understand Dutch, but it is a lot harder understand spoken Dutch. The writing is like we were writing in the 1700 century. Even harder is Africaan, but in writing not too hard. 400 years ago Swedish and "plattdeutch" was similar, and it was commanding language in the army.

Addicted somewhat is a necessary requirement, taking part in a roulette forum, and spend so much time, effort, and sometimes a bit too much. We can be addicted and still be in control of our money, some can not.
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There are a very few ones to participate in the SSB challenge. I understand , for foreigners it is complicated.

I have made an Excel program as a note sheet. For every session.  I only have to note the numbers and the program doe the computing .
I have tested the program to avoid bugs.
I play 100 spins and the first 10 spins are the starting trigger. After a hit in the last 10 spins the session finishes.
I start with 1000 euros and 50 virtual shares of 20 euros

Here an example of 10 sessions.