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UK Elections....
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:05:11 PM »
As an American on this forum......I would be interested to hear some views/comments on the elections of yesterday. Is this a possible backslide of Brexit?  What's your take on it?
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Re: UK Elections....
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There has already been backsliding Sheridan.
So called Brexiteers  want to pick and choose what suits them so it is not a true Brexit. .There are comparatively few MPs that wanted Brexit - even our PM wanted to REMAIN . The £ has weakened in comparison to the $ and Euro - and that is BEFORE we leave .
Theresa May wanted this election because , like many, she thought that the opposition leader ,Jeremy Corbyn ,was weak and so her party would gain many more seats. What she has done has weakened her and made secure Corbyn's position as leader of the Labour Party .
. Her days are numbered and we can expect  the True Believers in Brexit  - the UKIP party -  to stir up problems in the Conservative Party.
In the Long Run the UK may become the 51st State of the USA !
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Re: UK Elections....
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That's fascinating Scep..... I think the Brexit movement helped contribute to the sea-change fervor here in the US (Trump). That's why I was a little taken back by the results of yesterday. That feeling still pervades here....I hope it doesn't peter out over there. I see where Nigel Farage is coming out of "retirement" to try to shore up the UKIP'pers. Wonder if he's been diminished in any way?