Author Topic: "5 must-track Roulette wheel analytics that protect & optimise your casino"  (Read 1493 times)

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This is from TCS John Huxley website. Its the "5 must-track Roulette wheel analytics that protect & optimise your casino". It essentially tells you how they check for wheel bias and how to correct it. Within the PDF, these are

 "The Key Analytics
1. Drop Zone Reports
2. Wheel Bias Reports & Alerts
3. Wheel Maintenance History
4. Spins Per Hour
5. Speed of Cylinder

Download link here!
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 This is move in right direction of thinking.
    Even damn casinos realise importance of tracking , shame that some players do not.
     For now players do in fact have advantage , if they know some advanced stats. Even casino equipment manufacturers do have limited understanding of the game...  but very soon it may change.
    I'm not saying that casino employees will suddenly wise up in applied math and stats, but some cretin like E.O.Thorp could create some day software for them that actually work properly... that would be a shame.
   If someone has ability to think out there, really, use it egainst them, all community will siently apreciate your attitude,  including roulette wheel manufacturers themselves.  It would be such a hussel to maintain imperfect wheels in perfect working order ;).