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YADP (Yet Another Divisor Plan)
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:38:00 AM »

Ok, here is the divisor progression I mentioned on the DOZEN thread. It's basically quite simple although it can appear rather confusing at first. I'll first define the variables and give the core algorithm, then show you an example of how the numbers come out on a spreadsheet, using a sample of bets on the dozen.

Keep in mind that the progression can apply to any odds bet, but some research will be needed in order to find the optimum divisor (or sequence of divisors) for your target bet.


Target = the number of units of profit you expect (hope!) to gain every X spins. In my example and the software X is set to 8, so 1 unit every 8 spins is your target.

Divisor = the number which divides your target + current bank in order to find the next stake. A larger divisor means a smaller stake, a smaller divisor generates a larger stake.

TL = target + losses. After each bet, you need to calculate the TL according to the following algorithm:

Code: [Select]
If current bank is less than zero
   Let TL = target + ABS(current bank)
  Let TL = target - current bank

Where ABS is a function which finds the absolute value of a number. Eg. ABS(-1) = 1, ABS(-7) = 7, etc. Look it up in Excel if in doubt.

Finally, having found TL, you can calculate the next stake, which is just TL divided by the divisor, then rounded up.

Code: [Select]
stake = ROUND(TL / Divisor)
Note that the minumum  stake is 1, so if it comes out at less than 1 after applying the above it should be raised to 1.

Here's the spreadsheet calculation:

Note that the first stake calculated (cell H3) should be raised to 1. The IF function for calculating TL is shown in the formula bar.

If you still find it confusing, don't worry because I've written a little point & click app which lets you enter spins, select the odds and change the divisor, and I'll upload it later today if there is any interest.

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Re: YADP (Yet Another Divisor Plan)
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Hello Bayes, I just noticed this! Thank you very much for all your hard work. I would appreciate it for one if you uploaded the tracker.

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