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LEPEN and MCRN crypto coins
« on: April 20, 2017, 06:07:41 PM »
Did anyone buy into LEPEN and MCRN crypto coins? After they topped at 0.00000030 cents the prices dropped almost in half down to 0.00000017 and if you would have bought in you could have doubled your money in just past two weeks :)

As these are the two expected front runners in the French elections Im expecting the coins to continue to go up in price before the first election on Sunday. I will be ready to dump either coin if one of them fails to move on in the elections. I would expect coin price to continue higher for whomever makes it through, if not both of them. Based on my research price will probably settled down after the elections (guessing they both win the first) and would be a good time to get back in before the second election.

Thats how this worked for Trump vs. Clinton last year. Both of those coins did well and then the losers coin price dropped very fast after the results came in. The Trump coin held onto its value after the election and then skyrocketed during the inauguration events. GL. Hope you make some money! Always do your due diligence :) I use technical indicators for exit points. Id be happy to answer any PMs if people have questions and dont want to discuss in the open forum.
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