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Savings interest
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:42:32 PM »

     these days savings are giving you 1/2 %, terrible.

it takes much time to learn about the markets, not a course, years.
and if you dont have the time, then you are left in the hands of "experts", where you have no control over anything.
so what must one do ? unless you fully trust your expert and make him show you in details his track record you are better off play roulette.
if you want to play safe, you have to buy shares of 200$/1000$, that means you must have a huge bankroll.
and then you pray that your company is not getting sued like united.
I dont know anyone who wins consistently in the markets. but I am sure there has to be a hand full.
roulette is much predictable.
geoffrey, can you get a 20/30 % return yearly with a 95% chance of getting it for at least 5 years?
I would like to know where it is at and how much fluctuation there is to be expected.
good topic,
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Re: Savings interest
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Rinad brings up the point about savings at 1% or even lower. Although not exactly "trading", has anyone tried peer to peer lending?

I have a few friends who do with success. I still havent tried it myself. Its basically crowd sourced lending. If you have say $10,000 to invest, the money will get dispersed amongst hundreds or thousands of borrowers (supposed to reduce risk). Those borrowers are rated based on their credit history. Lets say you have a diverse portfolio that should bring in 10% annually, well, some borrowers will default, which brings your annual income down to 6% or so. Its still better than what savings accounts do.
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