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Author Topic: dealer singature online.  (Read 9992 times)

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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2017, 05:47:19 AM »
Lately I see too many spins where the ball hits the track and moves backwards - following the direction of the wheel.

Must be the piezo electric magnets stuffed under the wheel malfunctioning, KAV. I suggest you contact support and make some complaints asking for a proper wheel with proper magnets and ball. ;D
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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2017, 01:55:52 PM »

 What is RRSYS ? is it a signature using pocket count of number patterns or is it more complex then that ...
 I read both negative and positive comments.



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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2017, 04:37:57 PM »
Rrsys, on my opinion, it's just ds done properly.
   Fellow in simple words say how to play it and when... he doesn't populate much.
   These who can't pay attention to what is written,  are sorce for negative comments.. as usual.
   He has a channel on YouTube,  many videos.. look yourself.


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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #18 on: May 15, 2017, 07:21:00 PM »

 I don't understand, you talk to some one who has the method or did you read it your self ?



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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #19 on: May 15, 2017, 10:39:35 PM »
I cant seem to find RRSYS anywhere online <cough cough>

So what is he doing? Ive watched a few of his videos on youtube now. Would love to know why he is betting how he does.


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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2017, 08:46:39 AM »
@Sputnik. I read his basic method. There were some pages of advanced avaliable on red forum as well...
   @Jake007. You can always backtrack his videos. Wheels he play are still there, if you collect data on them, you may understand reasoning behind his bets.


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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #21 on: June 28, 2017, 12:35:43 AM »
Hello everyone!

I play only ds for more than year and half (amost 10days per month).
I purchased rrsys book and also i met paul personally (paid quite high price for all this)

Honestly i don't want to say any negative word about him. Maybe only that his services and pdf are too much overpriced.

How it helped me. Well, yes it gave me more understanding about ds, but because i play a lot, everything comes just from experience. I have my favorite bets and i wait for the right dealer.
Second, maybe after meeting with Paul i understand that i'm good at playing. Maybe its more psihological inside my mind, i always though that im not good player....and i understand after the meeting that im very good and that i would love to meet good players (better than me) that to learn from their experience. Also i would love to teach people to play professionally.

Ask yourself before starting to play and analyse ds:

Can you tell all numbers one by one on the wheel with closed eyes ? (0,32,15,19,4.......3,26.)
Can you tell which number is black or red?
Can you place at least 2neighbours manually on the board in 5seconds?
Can you place sectors manually on the board (not race track)?

If yes, you can start analyse ds and you can practice to play.

My style of playing....well its like double everytime i come to casino.

Normally i start with 100€ (100chips) i stop when it become 200.
Next day i start 200 by 2€ value (100chip) i stop when i reach 400
Next day 400 by 5€ value (80chips) i stop when its double (800€)
You can stop doubling at any time spend money and start again with 100 when you need them.

Sometimes its hard play...its not necessary to make it double...its ok to get 100 or two and continue another day. Sometimes it takes only 10min to make it double. You never know at roulette. Most important is to stop at the right time and choose the dealer which is good for you.

Hope my advices helps. Would be very interesting to know other advanced players who using ds, just to share experience.
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Dealer Signature,RRSYS
« Reply #22 on: June 28, 2017, 09:11:42 AM »
Dealer Signature and RRSYS need to work with a consistent dealer that spin the same pockets jumps the results often those Dealer Signature and RRSYS dont work every dealer just consistent ones and if you play wheel which got RRS random rotor system then Dealer Signature and RRSYS dont work at all



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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #23 on: June 28, 2017, 12:50:33 PM »
 @Maximus, count on me, l will send you PM in after posting this post. Nice to see active players in this forum and not just someone who copy/ paste somebodies opinions. You are welcome here.


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RRSYS Basic Standar Advanced Explained
« Reply #24 on: June 28, 2017, 06:14:35 PM »

There are 4 dominant diamonds on a roulette wheel, which can be
seen on the inner edge of the roulette wheels rim... They point
straight up outward facing, and there are 4 horizontal diamonds
which are not as important, so in total 8 interfering diamonds,
which are placed there to deflect the falling ball unpredictably...
The best wheel to find and play on is a wheel with only 3 dominant
diamonds, and 3 horizontal diamonds (less diamonds on the rim,
means less interference or unpredictability the ball will have once it
drops out of the ball track from the inner rim of the roulette wheel
when the ball slows down and falls out the ball track to finally land
into a pocket number.  reason being is that I have found that my
rrsys technique works more often successfully and more accurate
when playing the 3/6 dominant diamond wheels.    If you can only
find wheel with 4/8 diamonds this is not huge problem, simply 3/6
means less random ball scatter and better predictive results.
When inside a casino, inspect or find the casino wheel/table you
wish to play, look at the wheel, choose to look at one main
dominant diamond, remember its position, they are all fixed in
place and do not move...  This will help you visually clock or
determine a acceptable spinning wheel speed as the numbers spin
around, the dominant diamond will give you a checkpoint position
on clocking a nice slow spinning wheel.
It is best to play with a slow spinning roulette wheel you must
understand, the faster the wheel spins reduces prediction accuracy.

Simple technique to clock the wheel speed.
Whilst bets are being taken on the table and the dealer is stood
waiting for the next game, the wheel will be spinning with the ball
in a pocket... clock/watch visually the speed of the spinning wheel,
take notice when green 0 passes this 1 dominant diamond you have
chosen, count how many seconds it takes until green 0 comes to
pass the dominant diamond for a second rrsys technique
advises that preferably you should only place the rrsys bets when it
takes more than 5 seconds for green zero to make a complete
rotation ... ie, for green 0 to pass all the way around the wheel back
to the 1 dominant diamond.
So, for example, 0 goes past diamond 1, and you count, 1, 2, 3...
and already green 0 has passed around twice, then this is
unfortunately spinning to quickly.  at this time, clock the dealers
name, or his face, and remember this, or take note on a peice of
paper, put note to say fast spinning dealer...  i would then choose
another table, or wait for the next dealer to come onto this table...
rushing bets, or ignoring the info advise can only result in poor
results which mean repetative losses.. which we do not want.
 a consistent dealer will spin the wheel the same speed on each
spin, usually in both directions, however sometimes a dealer is
more consistent in a particular direction.. if you find this about a
certain dealer, take note of it, by making a note for example what
I do is a note such as the following...
"genting casino Manchester portland street,
abby, table ar6, left hand wheel, cw wheel 5secs, ccw wheel
6 secs"
cw = clock wise spinning wheel
ccw = counter clock wise spinning wheel (anti clockwise)
keeping record of most common speed of spinning wheel is good
to look back on in future, or amend the more you experience spins
from that dealer in future visits.
"left /right hand wheel", means on that particular table her left
hand is the hand she is using to operate ball & wheel.

This classic RRSYS technique can work in many casinos on many
wheels, online or preferred in person in a real casino that you can
visit.  However make sure every spinning wheel varies its direction
as explained below:
Choose to play a wheel which spins a clockwise direction and then
a  counter clockwise spin,
each new game alternates in direction each and every new spin,.
some casinos spin wheel in only one direction, this is not for the
RRSYS technique, you can adopt it when you learn more, but i
strictly do not play with one direction wheels, only play wheels
where each spin is a different direction each new game, as this
variant of directions every spin seems to bring in a more consistent
result of prediction betting which i have noticed long term brings
regularities more so than single direction spins.
Whilst practicing or learning you do not have to physically bet
money, you can simply mentally collect results on a roulette result
note card, which most casinos usually provide a roulette card and
pens which you record all the number results, as well as any notes
about preferred dealers you discover...
As we play on wheels that vary direction every new game, the
result history shown and results to follow in future spins mean that
the number history contains important information for rrsys
to keep things simple, whilst learning the RRSYS technique keep
track of all the results, however as we explain more, only
concentrate on one direction at a time, so this means while you
look at a history of results from a roulette table, take close look at
every 'other' number result ie... every 'other' result means it has
been a result of one direction...
EXAMPLE: NUMBER HISTORY4 (wheel was spinning cw)
7 (wheel was spinning ccw)
24 (wheel was spinning cw)
34 (wheel was spinning ccw)
1 (wheel was spinning cw)
13 (wheel was spinning ccw)

So , 4, 7, 24, 34, 1, 13 are the last results, but looking from the
latest result (4) ignore 7, look at 24, ignore 34, look at 1, ignore
13... So this means you are clocking all cw results, which makes
learning RRSYS much easier, as you become more advanced you
will be able to do both directions and get involved in each spin if
As for example as soon as i walk into any casino and i see the
wheel is spinning counter clockwise, then clockwise, i will then take
a look at the marquee results board which most modern casinos
have, showing past results on a computer screen just next to the
roulette wheel...
As explained i will look at the latest number result to have
appeared which you can confirm is a true result by looking directly
at the roulette wheel to make sure the roulette ball is for sure sat in
that number pocket... - NOTE, if the ball is in pocket number 26 but
the results board shows the last number was number 3, then do
not play at this table, as this is a sign of a fault within the casinos
number/ball laser scanner and therefore the results history are
pointless and a waste of time to look for RRSYS patterns.
So considering all is acceptable, look at the number history, for
example see below...
This is actually the results of a table I was playing...
23 then (oldest number to have been spun in the history, 15
minutes ago)
4 then
6 then
35 then
32 then
14 then
15 then
14 ( 14 = most recent, last number spun, )....
What will the next result be.....

Make sure the results are all from the same one dealer, and that
you haven’t approached the table that has results from one dealer
who perhaps swapped with a new dealer, there is nothing wrong
with asking the dealer how many spins has he done, - he will either
say in response "only a few spins," or "all of them"
So now we learn to take notice of  23, 6, 32, 15 (every 'other'
number) (those numbers above in BOLD) "looking at one direction
- result 23, ignore the following number 4, look at the next result
6,  ignore the following one 35, look at the next result 32 etc etc
If you are unsure of the order the numbers appear on a roulette
wheel, then i suggest picking up a roulette card so you can look at
the sequence order of the numbers within the roulette wheel , by
quick glance in your hand...
What you now do is you find number 23, on the roulette card
Next you look at the roulette sequence, working in CW direction,
the next number pocket on a roulette wheel  of 23 is pocket
number 10.   This is counted "one"...  you keep on counting the
next pocket 5, this is counted "two" .... You continue the count
until you have come to pocket number 4. - There will be 24 counts,
from pocket 23 to pocket 4.
So this mean, when dealer picked the ball out of pocket 23, he
adjusted direction and thrown the ball... it then landed in pocket
number 4.. So that direction resulted in a count of "24 pockets" so
we can call this result 24+ (24 positive/clockwise pocket skips)
So now you have counted you can write "[24+]" next to the result
23   [23 (24+)]
From the example above: 23 number result drawn (taken notice
of): then 4 was the next number to come in (ignore this result)...
next is number 6 to take notice of...
As you know the last time a ball was thrown with the direction of
the wheel about to be thrown again... count '24+' pockets from 6
on the roulette card...  remember not including the number 6 as
you start counting ---

Counting clockwise, from number 6
pocket 6 "start counting...."
pocket 27 "one"
pocket 13 "two"
pocket 36 "three"
pocket 11 "four"
pocket 30 "five"
pocket 8 "six"
pocket 23 "seven"
pocket 10 "eight"
pocket 5 "nine"
pocket 24 "ten"
pocket 16 "eleven"
pocket 33 "twelve"
pocket 1 "thirteen"
pocket 20 "fourteen"
pocket 14 "fifteen"
pocket 31 "sixteen"
pocket 9 "seventeen"
pocket 22 "eighteen"
pocket 18 "nineteen"
pocket 29 "twenty"
pocket 7 "twenty one"
pocket 28 "twenty two"
pocket 12 "twenty three"
pocket 35 "twenty four!!"
So after counting twenty four pockets in clockwise direction (24+)
from pocket number 6 you have come to the pocket number -35- a
perfect consistent spin has occurred.
Ball spin CWW 23 then (oldest number) cww to cw [24+]
Ball spin CW 4 then
Ball spin CWW 6 then cww to cw  [24+]  cww to cww 7+
Ball spin CW 35 then cw to cw 30+
Ball spin CWW 32 then cww to cw [24+] cww to cww  9+
Ball spin CW 14 then cw to cw 28 +
Ball spin CWW 15 then cww to cw [23+] cww to cww 36+
Ball spin CW 14 cw to cw +0
Advanced RRSYS you just count CW to CW jump and CWW to CWW jumps so its like look every  other spin result

As you can see, 15 has 23+ and not 24+ as the other results in this
direction have commonly.
Throwing from 15 was not an exact consistent spin, but it’s next
door to a 24+ pocket skip.  So this is one reason why we don't just
bet on one number of the roulette table.  That is why neighbour
bets or racetrack bets are available as a betting option.
After 15, I predicted 31 would be the next result. (15, 24+ = 31)  I
was wrong, however 14 is right next to 31 on the roulette wheel.
So as long as I covered 31 and the neighbours, my bet would have
still won a return.,
I will now explain another part of the RRSYS technique on
recommended bet placements of any predicted numbers, 1 for
speedy bet placement, but also for good winning ratio returns for a
better prediction, and if a winning result is still a few pockets out,
you will still get a return..  It’s what i call a "triple pyramid overlap
neighbour bet"...
Although we predict one number we can still have a winning return
up to 4 pockets either side of the predicted number... and the good
thing about the "triple pyramid overlap neighbor bet" is that the
closer the resulting pocket the ball falls into from our predicted
number means a higher number of winning chips you will receive.
More explanation here:
the best ways to bet for number 35 would be this style of
neighbour bet placement...  as its pointless just placing your bets
straight up on number 35 on the table, as if the wheel is spun just
slightly faster or slower than last time the ball will fall before 35 on
the wheel.  so for this reason that is why there is a racetrack/
neighbour bets section. as well as for speed bets, NOTE: most
touch screen computers in real casinos from as little as 50p per 5
number neighbour bet placement. (meaning 10p straight up per
number, 5 numbers in each individual neighbour bet)

You are predicting number 35, so a nice way to cover the 35 area
for speed is the following: (NEIGHBOUR BET)
If you are in a real casino, ask the dealer what the minimum value
chip stake is for neighbour bets - (usually £10) - which means you
put £10 note down, and "call" out a number, i.e. 35...  the £10 gets
spread onto 5 numbers (35 neighbours) so that's £2 straight up on
each number - 35, 12, 3, 28, 26.
On the computer touch screens again you can bet as little as 50p
neighbour bets (5x 10p bets)
However this is good for covering your predicted number, and its
closest 2 next door pocket numbers either side of 35...
But as explained above RRSYS bets take that little extra bit of risk
away by placing what I call.... a 'TRIPLE PYRAMID OVERLAP
Using T.P.O.N.B for prediction number 35...
"Call out or place" -> "26, 28 & 35 neighbours", this will cost 15
chips in total (at whatever their value is) as each individual
neighbour call is 5 chips...
So as you will know this means you getting 3 neighbours.
The reason it gets called pyramid, is because if you where to look at
the bet/chips if they where placed onto the roulette wheel, they
would appear like a pyramid.  This is exclusively a RRSYS bet
Please see the illustration on nex page (35, has 3 chips straight up-
top of the pyramid example)

1£  1£  2£ 2£  3£ 2£ 2£ 1£ 1£
29, 7, 28, 12,35, 3, 26, 0,32
Covering the numbers 35 and 4 extra pockets on either side of
number 35.  So in total out of 37 numbers on the roulette wheel
you are betting on 9 numbers.
The above is an Example to try and show you the _ chips placed
on top of each other.
In this example 35 is the number you really want, as it has been
predicted due to past spins in this direction,
So if it does come in great, the ball lands on number 35 you have
got 3x chips paying out at  35/1 (108) "a perfect consistent spin
has occurred"
However, if the ball landed (3, 12, 26 or 28) either one or two
pockets away from 35, you still got 2x chips paying out at 35/1
(72 return)
AND even still if the ball lands (0, 7, 29 or 32) 3 or 4 more
pockets away from 35 you will still get a return of 36 chips  back.
From a total of 15 chips placed wagered, 36 return is great, let
alone 72 or even 108 when prediction is 100% accurate.  15 total
chips, is not the greatest loss if all went to fail, presuming you
are playing responsibly.
If for example the touch screen machine is 25p minimum chip.
A triple pyramid overlap bet placement means that, the
maximum risk loss for a fail would be £3.75 for a failed
The furthermost numbers away from 35 are 29, 32, 7 & 0
If any of these hit, that is a £9 return from the single 25p chip
placed from you £3.75 stake

The next numbers towards 35 are 28, 26, 12 & 3
If any of these hit, that is a £18 win from the double 25p chips
(50p) placed from you £3.75 stake
If the desired number hits 35 that is £27 win from the triple 25p
chips (75p) placed from you £3.75 stake
Obviously if you have a run of loses, any time the next bet hits,
even on the most outside number from the desired number you
will regain from losses and get profits, also increasing the wager
next time after possible 4 losses is not a bad judgement as with
the predictive betting of rrsys you have the edge over the casino
of getting a number, and obviously the closer to the middle/center
of the triple overlap the more you will win anyway, then you can
work out the prediction pocket skips from the next number out
ready to place bets for the following bet prediction.
23  (24+] - ie, we bet £30, 3x £10 neighbour bets "2,
4, 15"
4 - win, returned £6 straight up £216 won.
6 [24+] ie, we bet £60, 3x £20 neighbour bets "
6, 13, 17"
35 - win, returned £12 straight up £432 won
32 [24+] ie, we bet £75, 3x £25 neighbour bets "1, 9,
14 - win, returned £15 straight up, £540 won
15 [23+] ie, we bet £150, 3x £50 neighbour bets "20, 22,
14 win, returned £20 straight up, £720 won
total bets placed £315
total wins returned £1908
total profit in 8 spins = £1593 - extremely good profits, trying not
to get greedy and walking away, to return another day with a
portion or percentage of last winnings.
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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2017, 12:27:25 AM »
Can you esplain Advanced RRSYS with some examples .... Please

Thank you


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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #26 on: June 29, 2017, 12:55:41 AM »
Iar000, his post is just a copy / paste from doc that was destributed on Internet for free. If you look more closely to his posts, they are almost all copy/ paste. Up till no original idea or explanation of something useful from this nic. Looks like someone creating " profile " on the forum to promote any kind of progect later on, or really have nothing to do at all.
   I just hope that this " progect" of his will be something useful. 


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Advanced RRSYS
« Reply #27 on: June 29, 2017, 07:47:58 AM »
Is just count ball spins for CW to CW and CWW to CWW those videos which are blur hide numbers got this technic in use  you just count from cw to cw or cww to cww spins pockets jumps and look most common pocket jump and use that next spin or spins its more simple than basic standar thing thats why RRSYS Pauls said basic RRSYS just look every other spin but still teach count from cww spins to cw or count from cw to cww spin results he does not just reveal that counting from cw to cw or cww to cww get that knowledge you must pay him 5000£ and he will send you video about his game where he uses this technic he just show those videos without blurs which got his youtube channel he make every customer own video so he know if they share it public also he say customer name few times in video also video has make camera where he just record his computers screens and talks
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Re: dealer singature online.
« Reply #28 on: June 29, 2017, 10:58:57 AM »
 In this case his " basic " book is more advanced then " advanced " one.
    If this is true, lm in shock!!! It makes him a scamer.
   There are publications avaliable on the Internet for free about the dealer signature, wich are much more advanced then rrsys. Eduard.O.Thorp published interesting info in gambling times where he explained why ds " will not work", obviously anyone who pay attention to this publication will understand how to make it work...
    Most interesting and almost  full explanation l found so far was Jafco dealer signature method... it has way more information then rrsys and it's much more reliable.
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About RRSYS Pauls
« Reply #29 on: June 29, 2017, 12:55:26 PM »
Yep quite scam RRSYS Paul's also plays other persons online casino accounts some times he loses other persons cash but there is no refund so he is playing like free money if he wins other person moneys he takes his part from wins he also uses those win bets his youtube videos show just great win but ofcourse those losses are not shown just wins RRSYS is risky as hell you just need very consistent dealer without that its hard to win when there is no common pocket jumps just random pockets counts
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