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« on: June 06, 2017, 04:14:00 PM »
i've decided to share my "oh so secret" hotnumbers-system. Because, you are my inspiration, and without the forum and you guys, i wouldn't have continued with my roulette-interest.

(This is not the grail, because it won't win forever, it will lose after X number of spins, so it's hit and run).

i recommend look at repeaters from the last 18 spins. That may involve using a notepad at real casinos (for this system i recommend you play it and test it first in RX) ...and play with small stakes at first,

I call it "Hexagon" it's played with 1-6 hotnumbers AND a mild progression. 1 2 3 5 STOP.

Bet every hotnumber (repeating number from the last 18 spins) uptil 6 hotnumber bet, in a progressive bet.(1+1+1+1+1+1 numbers bet) When 4 hotnumbers are bet +1u bet, when 5 hotnumbers are bet +1u bet, when 6 hotnumbers are bet +2u, THEN if no hit when the 7th hotnumber hit, STOP /Restart procedure. (Also Stop & Restart at any hit--if hit, Restart with that single hotnumber hit)

*Note* DO NOT chase after losses, when the 7th hotnumber hit DO STOP and accept loss., Quit while you're ahead of the game, don't be greedy (+100-200u wingoal max) i use to quit when one trigger is lost, and my BR is still positive.

First test was played with 5u bets (I recommend test it with 1u bets)

BR Needed minimum 200-300u.
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Re: Hexagon
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The action is wild - but one has plenty of opportunities to bail while in profit.  8)
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