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Jim, the dozen repeat after one virtual loss hit rate is definetely higher than the xyy+3 trigger after testing.

I start the progression fairly low and i do not abandon the game when a zero hits. Don't ask me why but when i play i substitute the 0 as 3rd dozen (26/32 european wheel) and so far so good.
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« Reply #556 on: June 04, 2017, 05:43:51 AM »
  If a second loss is encountered I do increase the stake. A third loss would involve 15 spins. ie equivalent to 5 back to back with only 3 steps. It does happen, but not often.

Thanks again, Harry. May I ask what you increase your stakes to on the third loss? Do you simply double it?


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Update: 4 back to back losses, almost 5 !



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   No terminator, I increase by about 50%. So the basic 3,3, stake becomes 5,5. The other progression steps are increased in preportion.
      I believe that bad variations tend to arrive in clumps. If a session goes bad it can stay bad for a long time. I consider 3 losses as a sign that I have encountered such a clump. I eitherdrop back to minimum and accept the loss. Or I gather whats left of my daily bank, and head for home.
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« Reply #559 on: July 13, 2017, 11:01:08 AM »
Hi guys, so how is it going with this system so far?
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hey terminator how's it going ? I was wondering can you post the exact sequence of your 5 b2b plus 2 again ? (17 losses)

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hi there,

any experiences till now? had not the time to test live so far.

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I've not been able to read all 38 pages of this topic yet so no doubt things have moved on a bit - but I really liked the opening gambit and the triggers. However having tried on a play wheel (RNG admittedly) just now, I found what kept happening was I would get the trigger, but then get XX which is one of the red flags where we don't play the third bet in the sequence. So I'd stop, wait for the next trigger then play again but obviously as I have only placed 2 bets so far, my next bet needs to be at the increased level from the first set, putting the betting sequence out of kilter. And then I get XX again! So I wait for a trigger but now my betting levels are awry....and I get XX once more!

The other problem is the betting levels 1-1-2 then 2-2-4 and 4-4-8 do not always recoup losses. If you are betting £5 a time, and you lose the first series, you are down £20. Next series you lose bet one, you are down £30. Then you get a win but you only win back £20 so you are still down £10. I would prefer to return to profit on any given win. I understand that bet amounts start to go quite high if you reach level 3 or 4, but given the certainty of a win this was promoted with, is that not ok? Why are we being conservative and looking for a couple of wins in a row to restore profit if we know we're going to win before too long? That said in the sequence I outlined above where I had to keep stopping after 2 bets in each series, it did get a bit out of control I felt.

Sorry if this is going back to the first few pages and things have moved on but I am catching up and this seems to be really good!
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Welcome to this forum Sam!  Keep rocking man!!  8)
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Also I think playing a 3 trigger (9 spin) bet would work well with good money management. Say you start with £170 br. What if we divided that by 3 and play with one third (say £56 for the sake of the maths) We could bet the following over our 9 spins:


That equates to the 56 units. Our goal is to double this amount, so we want to win £56 in the session. If we win, we go back to our bankroll which is now £226 and for the next session, we will divide that by 3, so the bet amounts will increase a little.

If we lose all 9 spins that is our stop loss. We now return to the BR and are down to £114, so we divide that by 3 which is £38. We can round up or down, so lets round that to £42 and we can now play with the progression:

1.5 - 1.5 - 3
3 - 3 - 6
6 - 6- 12

And basically we carry on like this - so after winning our target amount we have more to play with in the next round, bet bigger sums and the amounts won increase exponentially. But we protect ourselves a little on the losses by decreasing our bet sizes in the next session, and by having a stop loss after 9 failed spins. Although I questioned above why we wouldn't just keep betting higher sums if we know we'll win eventually, I have since read about the 21 losses Terminator had and think perhaps it is better to play conservatively.

I think with 9 chances we still win the vast majority of the time and reach our goal for most sessions, so the bankroll will trend upwards as we play more sessions.

BUT I am by no means as expert as many others here so perhaps this money management strategy fails long term or something? I'd love to be enlightened!
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It may not work with $1 or $5 bets, but with $10 units a single dozen progression can go 10-10-15.
Which translates to 1-1-1.5 in units . Instead of 1-1-2. You have this option.
What I find far more effective and without the dangers of an ever increasing progression, it to stick to the basic 3 step progression for a single dozen. 1-1-2 or 1-1-1.5. Even after an entire trigger loss.
You only have to change the starting value of the unit.
If you lost one or 2 triggers with $1-1-2, there is nothing wrong playing the next few triggers with 1-1-2 progression again, but with $5 this time. So it will be $5-5-10. Or whatever amount your comfort zone is. But stick to the 1-1-2 scenario. Recovery will come very very soon.
Then you can revert back to the unit values you are comfortable with.
The only requirement is that the system has to have a high success rate. Which this system does.
All you have to do is to make sure  that you have sufficient B/R to sustain a few higher starting chip values. On the other hand progressively increasing the amount of units after a few losses, will probably have a much higher B/R requirements. Because you demand to recover in one single shot.
So 1-1-2 is the best option. And vary the unit values accordingly.
Recovery might take a few bets to materialize, but it's certain that it will happen.
And this method is good for any system.
The logic is that if losses happen at the beginning of the session, there are at least low in amounts.
When those losses are out of the way, wins will follow in higher amount.
Then immediately revert back to lower chip values, once you recovered  and made  a basic profit.
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« Reply #566 on: December 09, 2017, 03:44:11 PM »
Very enlightening Pales!  This definitely helps me play your system more effectively! :D

For some reason I needed to prove to myself that the more coups we take, the greater chances we have of failing to take a coup.  Once I did this, I realized the importance of making our recovery faster than our standard way of earning profit. 

I have found consistent success with an increased unit size to recover AND a "down as I win" unit size to lock in profits and decrease exposure commensurate with the increased risk.

I think this sort of approach is required for any successful system because as our critics point out to us repeatedly, we are playing a negative expectation game.  Using this method I have found I lose more units than I win but the only thing that matters is that I am profitable. :D
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« Reply #567 on: December 09, 2017, 04:21:22 PM »
Ok thanks all. I followed the rules exactly today, skipping triggers thathad red flags and yet I went through 7 triggers where I did bet losing them all! I can only put this down to the fact it was free play on a rng wheel and certainly after a few odd occurrences came up I'd have moved wheels if playing for money. Bit weird though as usually free rng games win a lot to encourage noobs to play for real with losing systems.


« Reply #568 on: December 09, 2017, 04:25:34 PM »
It depends on where you are playing I suppose.  The only way to know for sure is to test both the Play mode Real money mode and compare them.  I have found a Play RNG that doesn't alter the results (according to my research) which is 1centroulette.

I wouldn't trust non-casino play money wheels unless I could prove the quality of the RNG.
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« Reply #569 on: December 09, 2017, 09:42:37 PM »
Sam41, I have played this system using the triggers and holding back when a red flag appears; only at B/M tables, and have been successful every time. The worst I've had was two losses in a row but recovered quickly. I've tweaked my bets and progression to suit my play style.

I must add that I hardly ever exceed 50 spins at a table because I have a small percentage win goal per session that I play.
Dozens are outside bets and the minimum bet is R100.00 ; I simply start by betting a single chip (R10 .00) on the two double streets that make up the dozen for a total starting bet of R20.00. I work on four spins per trigger.
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