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Parlay street
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:33:56 AM »
We can speak of follow trends, but I do not think we ever can say we follow one more than as an construction made afterwards.

Still we can expect any bet to repeat at an random fashion, and the progression we do it to try to stand the losses until we got the hit.

A negative progression give the best chance of a win, and so do betting many numbers. The problem is the many small winning will not pay for a loss.

A progression on a win make us lose slow, but the winnings are few.

We could try to make a compromise and do both progressions. We want to lose slowly and win a lot when we hit.

As we can play some spins until we got  the double hit, it is best to use a cent casino. That will not mean we win cents, it is often over 39 Euro on a hit. We must also use a casino allow for the spread. A parlay on a street is  12 fold.

We chose a street we think will hit twice in a row. We bet 1 cent for ten spins, and if we got a hit we parlay.
If we lose all ten or the parlay we are back 10 units.

We now bet 2 cents for ten spins, and parlay if we win. If we lose all or a parlay we are back 30 cents.

We continue rising 1 unit every ten spins, and parlay until we get the  double hit.

Last time I used this play I got a double hit after about 100  spins. I was less than 6 Euro back and got
a pay out of  little over 14  Euro.

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Re: Parlay street
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2017, 08:57:21 AM »
I did one this morning, and that session is a proof, there are methods which must be done on a one cent table.
here it took 440 spins until a double hit. The progression could not be 1 cent in ten spin, at the end it was 5 cent at every spin. The negative were near 300 Euro. The win not too bad.

Here is a method which needs a rather large bank, and use a cent table.