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Author Topic: Another Gem ! Thanks Bayes  (Read 736 times)

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Another Gem ! Thanks Bayes
« on: November 23, 2016, 02:15:31 AM »
My question is, how can we combine an up as you win (+) with an up as you loose(-)progression ?

The closest I have come is by having an initial attack of 2 attempts (E/C) or 3 attempts (doz) with
a (-) prog and then having a limited (+) prog overall.

Input will be appreciated.


This was a spectacular post by Bayes

"I used to think positive progressions were the way to go, and they are if you have the edge. But mathematically the best way to play a NE game is aggressively, which means a negative progression. Actually I don't even like the term "progression" because it suggests a fixed and inflexible plan. Sticking with the even chances, the majority of decisions are choppy, and by far the best strategy is to raise stakes after a loss (not necessarily every loss) and reduce after a win. This "locks in" wins, whereas raising stakes after a win "locks in"  losses, which is not what you want. If done carefully and in a controlled way, there's no way you can lose.   I realize this is a big claim, but it's true. Bet selection isn't so important IMO. Good MM is king, but again IMO, you have to get past the fixation on playing mindless mechanical systems. Sooner or later they all fail. Stick to the principle, not a system."

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