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Author Topic: Brexit Unravelling ?  (Read 1025 times)

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Brexit Unravelling ?
« on: November 23, 2016, 01:14:49 AM »
                          Brexit Unravelling ?

Brexit was  generally  understood to mean a complete breakaway  from The European Community . Not to allow   “ those bloody foreigners “ to dictate to us Brits with their ridiculous laws . It was meant to  bring back  decisions of Law to be made by British Judges and not by bloody foreigners. We wanted to handle our own affairs and not be tied to measures like allowing freedom of movement and, particularly, not to be “ overwhelmed “ by “ Immigrants “.

The reality is that the U.K. government does not accept  decisions of the U.K.Courts either when it rules against them. Not only did  they not accept one such ruling - not only are they appealing against that ruling - but a Government minister has called the Judges  ruling as “ outrageous”. Some defender of British Justice ! And is still in his post.

The  Nissan car company was so unhappy with the decision to leave the EU that they had a meeting with the Government and a secret deal apparently made. Panic stations by the UK government.  Irony here as it is based in Sunderland and the Sunderland people voted  for Brexit seemingly not realising that the Nissan factory could be moved abroad  taking their jobs with it !

Our government has plans to limit immigration but , on her visit   to India, the P.M. has  told  their P.M. that consideration will be given to IndianStudents  as regards visas. Reality beats theory indeed !

Our supposed  “special relationship” with the  U.S. seems to be in danger when Trump becomes President as he has not invited our P.M. to visit  the White House but she is to let him know if she intends  visiting the U.S.   Ouch !

Arrogant Brexiteers were claiming that the EU would need to  allow the UK to remain in the Single Market without accepting free movement of people .  Highly unlikely as many in the EU thinks that the UK “wants to eat it’s cake but still have it “.

No one really expected a YES vote to leave the EU so no plans had been made for that event .
Bloody idiots !
Bloody minded !
Better out of  the EU ?
I doubt it . Stormy waters ahead I fear .
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Re: Brexit Unravelling ?
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 11:27:31 AM »
If Brexit will happen, economy will suffer a lot. Loss of single market may be deadly or at least very damaging to UK. UK produce nothing of its own and imports everything. Up till now economy was hold by financial sector and turism. These 2 will soffer the most.  I think second referendum is required,  but before need to explain to general population how real situation is. First referendum was made with isterical lying promises of potitians,  3 days later after refferendum these promises were explained as rediculos in local news papers. My qwestion is why after and not before? UK as Kingdom is in danger now. Scots and Irland will make their "exit" very qweak after Brexit happen. It will be end of UK as we know it now.