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Author Topic: Actual Experience with Online Casinos and E-Wallets  (Read 1531 times)

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Actual Experience with Online Casinos and E-Wallets
« on: November 05, 2016, 12:29:32 AM »
Vpn/Proxy - Have used many, once they become too well known they are recognised and
             get blocked - currently I use Zoogtv, no complaints, but need to clean the cache in
             Internet Options or it can be detected, speed is good, need to refresh every 8 hours.
             TunnelBear now seems to get detected by most software and is sometimes slow,
             same for Cyberghost.
seems to work well but I have only used their free version which offers
             from 2 to 10 GB free.
Betfair -
have dealt with them over many years and they are 100% safe and
             reliable - they take between 12 and 20 hrs to process Neteller withdrawal
            - the Casino side seems new and there are daily changes - they use
            Playtech software for roulette and have the widest min/max bet range, it
            is currently $.10 to $1000
            The problem I have found is that the Playtech software is more sensitive to proxy
            connections and was recently down for nearly 2 weeks, looked like a different prob.
            The general site is not proxy sensitive and never a problem to log in.
            Roulette does generate some rebate points which translate into $, but not much luck
            getting any other casino bonus, though they are generous with their exchange games

BET365 - At one stage my fav site,but cannot use them now as the site became very proxy
            sensitive. It was randomly sensitive and then after a lucky run I got completely locked
            out and could not log in to make a withdrawal, proxy problem not the company. I had to
            relay my details to a friend in UK who logged in and made the withdrawal request.
            The site is also super content rich and can be sloooow.

32Red - Dealt with them for years, never any problem ! Even got a $300 bonus once just by
            They use Microgaming software and my only complaint is that their French roulette
            is $2 to $1000 min/max.
            Withdrawals to Neteller are quick, from 15 min to 8 hrs. 

Betchain - Had a problem with them, deposited $100 got $100 bonus, played it up to $870 but was
            not able to withdraw more than the original $100 as they have a policy that roulette does
            not count towards bonus money playthrough, I tried to reason with them that they cannot
            expect me to risk my $100 for no chance of any return but they soon just broke off contact
            and I never got any of the profit.
            Now I am careful to never accept any bonus offers !
            Great to be able to use Bitcoin though.

Royal Panda - OK, very easy to deal with, but terrible min/max range on their French roulette.

Crazy Vegas - Great customer support, same Microgaming software as 32Red, but the min/max
           range is kinder. Will use them if I ever get soo consistently profitable that I get noticed
           at 32Red ( I allow myself to dream! ).

The Greek - Have been around a looong time, had an account with them in mid 1990's, they paid
           me out a very large amount with no questions asked even though I circumvented their
           betting limits, they closed my account while I lived in USA and now want me to jump
           through hoops to prove I no longer reside there.

Neteller - Without them I would have starved to death by now (sometimes did get a little skinny though)
               My main complaint is that the daily limit on ATM withdrawal from their mastercard debit card
               is only $1,000. As I have a 2hour round trip to the nearest international ATM that is a pain.
               The cost of getting cash from them is OK as they do not rape me on the exchange rate, same
               for using the card in stores, only Pay Pal will not accept their card !
               They accept Bitcoin as a deposit method at a 1% fee, but as yet cannot withdraw to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin - I use as my bitcoin wallet, love them as a way to transfer funds internationally, way
             cheaper and more convenient than using regular bank.

Perfectmoney - Looked into using them as I wanted to try Bitcoin and 1Cenctroulette, but found that
              the round turn cost is too high for me as they have wide spread between Bitcoin and USD.

Skrill - Had an account with them years ago, just found Neteller cheaper and more convenient, might
          have changed by now.

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Re: Actual Experience with Online Casinos and E-Wallets
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2016, 03:52:57 AM »
(pssst try Paxful)