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Author Topic: What? When? Why? of vb.  (Read 962 times)

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What? When? Why? of vb.
« on: October 19, 2016, 04:00:34 PM »
 These 3 qwestions are important .
 First of all its method itself. General explanation " how to perform " vb you can find on yourtube for example... There are books teaching vb, plant of information on forums... ets.
  Speaking seriously,  no one and never will open you tecnical " how to " knolidge, there is a study to be performed.
 On other hand, each wheel has its own " personality", it may have different " personality " with change of the ball, for example.  So ,answer to the qwestion " what? " , is your responsibility as a player.
   Let's assume  you made your homework.
 Then you are faced with another qwestion " when?" ...
    To answer this qwestions you need to adress directly the wheel you wanna play. Need to collect data. Based on data you take decisions :
 1. When method perform well?
 2. When wheel has " expected"/ " predictable " behavior. It has to do with the ball more then the wheel itself.
    And finally you need to answer qwestion " why?" .
      Why it happens what happens , probably ,the most important qwestion of all.
   In vb we attack the wheel and ball itself. Understanding of wheel and ball dinamics are essential to maintain your performance  as vb player.
   There are other qwestions as well... " where place bets?" , " how to explore advantage optimally?"... ets.
 The more answers you find for any particular situation, more stable results you gonna have, higher gonna be your winning margin as well.