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Author Topic: dedicated timer/ metronome for vb.  (Read 986 times)

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dedicated timer/ metronome for vb.
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:56:58 AM »
 Timer and how it's used.
 In vb we need precise timing information.
 Variables in place:
     1. Specific revolution timings. It's a moment into the spin that we are targeting to obtain our " visual key".
   Differences between revolutions timings may be 50-100 ms , in the range of ball speeds we are commonly forced to predict ( no more bets rools).
       2. Rotor speed. This one require independent studies before including it into our prediction model. It may " drift"...  often require longer time periods to be reasonably estimated.
      3. Total time ball takes till drop. It's one of major sorce of errors and target for adjustment and direct monitoring. Most of " conditions changes" will affect this variable directly. 
      To monitor and measure precisely these timing variables in play we need very precise way to measure time intervals. However , simple count would do.... we can be " reasonably " accurate as long as our " count " is consistent. 
   Many use mobile app " metronome" for such measurements. It has series of problems.
  Mobile phones mostly are based on java framework. ... it's known to be inconsistent with timings. Errors of 50 ms are common. Mobiles have other app running on background,  wich will have " higher priority " then your timing operations.
   Other option is to have timer with dedicated software for timing operations with metronome function. Common way of feedback is vibration....
 It has series of problems also... timers ( hardware ) need to have high precision ( proper occilator). When such a timer restarted or initiated,  it may ( almost always) have delay in processing interupt routine ...  plus differences in response time between "cold" and "working" state of vibration motor.  Software has to account for such timings differences, if not, errors are inevitable. 
    These listed are main reasons for many " AP l wanna be" never managed to do it right... people generally think that it's their " clocking mistakes" instead of address problem directly.
   These errors in timings are main reason why people are unable to lock their brain into different ball behaviors as well. Ball may be more slow or more qweak ( different deceleration ), but with " errors in clocking " it's imposible to judge, as we never know if we identified different revolution or if ball behave differently.
   I created a timer/ metronome for vb wich addresses this problems. It has dedicated hardware and software. Difference in vibrations between cold and working state of vibration motor was regulated manually for dedicated hardware...  it simply does not induce errors.
 There are no analogs on the market. If someone create such thing , normally it's not for sell. ...
   Price 300 gbp. Someone interested- pm.
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