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VB is not easy, why?
« on: July 27, 2016, 12:34:26 PM »
 VB became a reasonable treat to casinos. They know that result can be predicted.
 What they do about it?
 - Change wheel speed frequently
 - Change and mix type's of throw that dealer uses in order to randomise a game.
 There are other things that can be done, but lm here to inform players, not casinos themselves. 
 So how to deal with it and what countermeasures do to the game?
 Wheel speed we may simply adjust, if there is posibility to take wheel speed measurement before our prediction moment, not a problem.
 How to deal with type of throw?
 It's not easy to determine type of throw from timings alone, need to listen to the ball and observe it's behavior in time intervals on the ball track. With expirience, after tousends of spins directly observed together with its results, you will naturally develop skill to filter by ball deceleration. 
 Ball may have additional axis of rotation depending uppon dealers type of throw. It can be forward spin, backward spin... ets.
 Before developing such a skill , l sudjest to look for the place on stator where dealer throw the ball. Ideally dealer will need to just grab the ball and throw it same way always  from the point he/ she can reach naturally without extanding his body or stratch his/ her arm on the purpose.
 You can treat this place where ball is relized as a hour position in relation to your observation point.
 When this phenomena verified, this dealer probably will be your favorite in that casino.
 Before developing skill to filter spins by their deceleration ( type of throw) , stick to dealers who always relize ball from same place on stator. Patience to find such a dealer will pay off well.
 Different types of throw may affect both, place where ball is expected to exit and time ball takes to arrive there. Do not mix different types of throw in your data.
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