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« on: July 03, 2016, 06:27:15 PM »
We do not talk often about it.
But it is an integral part of roulette play.

Everyone who has played roulette has been disappointed. By luck. By a big loss. A promising system that failed long term. The fruitless research and effort to overcome the house edge. Disappointed that the big wins on the previous night can not be repeated. By the "experts" who tell you that roulette can't be beaten. Disappointed by the invested and wasted long hours in a probably in-achievable goal of beating the game.

Disappointment is good. It is learning. I teaches you about the game, if you thought it was easy. It helps you understand yourself, your limits. It can make you stronger - or not. Disappointment separates the men from the boys. It can protect you from disaster, just like pain is a sign of danger. Disappointment will force you to stop and think and heal your wounds and realize your errors and become better and come back stronger. Disappointment will test your determination. It will break you or if you don't break it will ultimately boost your endurance. Disappointment will tell you when to leave - for good. Disappointment is no fun, but it will make you wiser.

But like everything in life, disappointment is what you make of it. And it can harm you if you can not take advantage of it. It can make you bitter and stubborn. It can drain your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. "I know everything, nothing works, everyone is stupid" none really started playing and learning roulette talking, thinking (or posting) like that. It is the disappointment speaking.

So my "negative" friends, my disappointed friends, I ask you to do something positive with your disappointment. There is knowledge and experience behind your grin. Try to find the strength to share it in good mood.

PS: This was inspired by some recent "negative" posts I read in our forum
PS2: It is perfectly fine to stop playing roulette if you think it a waste of time and money. Gambling addiction is a real danger. So if roulette is not fun anymore you should STOP playing. My post should not be read as a "keep playing" post.
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Re: Disappointment
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 06:35:30 PM »
Disappointment has had a very interesting effect upon me in a subconscious way.  Its like it forces my mind to search out new avenues, any possible avenues that I can, to improve my results.

There is something to be said about how the subconscious mind learns and processes data towards achieving one's goals.

mr j

Re: Disappointment
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2016, 09:38:32 PM »
I have NO PROBLEM admitting downfalls, I NEVER had an issue with it.

Real disappointment....I'm playing a "pretty decent" method. I get my a** kicked and the drunk people around me, playing their birthday numbers, win huge for the night. The guy THAT KNOWS THE MOST (me) gets pounded and the other loons have a great time and win. Thats real disappointment.

Before ya'll start slamming me, its a rare event but it bothers the heck out of me!!!!!

When I lose, I admit it.

You can not win every day/week, its impossible. On a lighter note, I/we must be willing to LEARN from others. Forget your pride and ego guys...pride and ego cant pay the bills.

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