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Re: 50$ a day
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2016, 01:24:36 PM »
Scep a long time ago I have publiced the result of a sessions. I noted the bets and payouts With Excel I made the graphs.A pity there was very less interest. That is the reason I do not note my playing nowedays.

With my experience I do not need note the fallen numbers. The terminal windows give me the stats of the past 50 spins. That is enough for my decisions.

Yes but your profit % is on your bankroll and not the amount you have bet if you do not keep note of your bets. A profit of even 1% is an acceptable profit in roulette - in my opinion.
I was only trying to understand your post. A " critique" not a " criticism " .


Re: 50$ a day
« Reply #31 on: September 22, 2016, 07:20:36 PM »

It sound hard using positive progression.
For that you would need to alternate between winning and break even to achive positive results.
That is not easy.

For example a LW-Registry would look like this W L W W W L W L W W L W W W L W W W W W L W
I have not seen any gambler who has a selection that can produce that kind of strikes during the last 10 years on gambling forum boards.

The problem is that even if you can achive that kind of strike ratio ending with two loses L L
So would it become a very bumpy ride as some sequense would not last to achive positive results and some sequense would achive positive results.

I put my money on Regression Up & Pull where you only need to win once to operate with casino money and the other part is just a bonus. You can combine Regression with one short attack sequense to get a nice Entering Point.

I am new to posting.  I read a lot and more but can you help me.  I understand roughly what Regression Up is but what is the Pull? Thanks
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Re: 50$ a day
« Reply #32 on: September 23, 2016, 08:51:06 AM »
 The basic about Regression Up & Pull is the following:

 You bet a bet higher then the base bet so you can lower your next bet if you win.
 For example you see RED and bet RED with 2 units and win.
 Then you follow the trend and Place 1 unit on RED.

 Now you keep 1 unit in profit no matter what happens next, you are a Winner.
 You can not lose it all back and you operate with casino Money and not your own Money.

 That is the first level of Regression Up & Pull.
 This is a great feeling as you don't risk more and more money chasing a winning bet.

 Now if its your lucky day and you will hit 8 REDS then Up & Pull part comes into action.
 And at all times you will be a Winner as you don't or can lose it all back.
 So the first bet is regression and the other bets is positive progression - up as you go.

R 2 +2
R 1 +3
R 2 +5
R 2 +7
R 3 +10
R 4 +14
R 5 +19
R 6 +25

 Fact & Fiction

Regression Up & Pull is hard for most players to use in real casino, because they don't have the understanding or selections with thight winnings that allow them win using Regression.

For exampel you can use Regression Up & Pull with winning within Three attempts.
It can be that you are staking 246 and if you win once with your two first bet you use Regression.
If you win your last bet you break even and start over with new attack.

The combinations is endless.
For example take a Martingale 5 10 20 then if you win once you bet 3 6 12 and if you win once more
1 2 4 you would have a total of 10 units and operate with casino Money and not your won Money.
Now you can apply UP & PULL - could be that you start with 1 1 3 and if you win once you bet 1 2 3 and if you win once more you bet 1 2 4 and next 2 2 6 and build 2 4 6 and 2 4 8 and so on ...

The bottom line is that you are conservative and have to have a better selection then average selections you find at public gambling forums.
You can try to win once within a certain amount of attempts and use Regression Up & Pull.

John Patrick get the credit for the Regression Up & Pull.

Should also mention that strikes and zig zag is two random walks Regression Up & Pull win over.

R 2 +2
B 1 +1
R 2 +3
B 1 +2
R 2 +4

R 2 +2
R 1 +3
R 2 +5
R 2 +7
R 3 +10

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Re: 50$ a day
« Reply #33 on: April 13, 2018, 09:04:18 PM »
  IMO there is no such thing as the Holy Grail. A system that cannot lose. Every system not only can lose, but will lose sooner or later. It is therefor easier to manage the certainty of a number of small loses. Rather than the uncertainty of a very large loss.

   That is the sum total of my money management scheme ! Accept those small loses and work them into your method. They are part of the cost of doing business.


Sound advice that Harry gave on how to deal with losses.
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Re: 50$ a day
« Reply #34 on: April 14, 2018, 11:21:18 AM »
Loosess is a part of the game , u have to accept that fact , but the key is how to manage those loosess minimize the risk , harry j was a really pretty smart guy , i had the chance to exchange mails with him , roulette public need guys like him , speaking about me  i always try to be break- even or bit minus , so i just need some wins in a row to stay plus , i prefer medium payout bets like streets bettting ( 1-12) , for the reason iits much easier to recover , i also bet in 1e or 0,5 ,which is really good if u like to profit amounts like 50 or 100e