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Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by sam41 on July 05, 2018, 09:10:54 PM »
Another 50 units made today. First bet laid on spin number 24, final bet on spin 33. Won 4 times playing a mixture of 25p, 50p and £1 as my unit base. Topped off with a cheeky double dozen bet that looked ripe for a win, couldn't resist it! And that's another 10 units.

What I like here is how quickly you can make your money without placing huge bets. If you played for an hour you could triple this amount. Play for an afternoon and you're well up. At least, you should be. This really doesn't look like producing multiple losses in a row.
Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by GambleOnlineRoulette on July 05, 2018, 07:15:07 AM »
An interesting discussion is going on in this thread
It's quite easy track numbers by roulette xtreme 2.0 based on hits repeats or Std. deviation and do test collected live roulette spins or rng spins
Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by sam41 on July 05, 2018, 12:31:44 AM »
After I have 18 different numbersI await a repeat then I bet. I would not bother with unhits unless like today you get an unusually high amount of repeats wholw waiting to get your 18.

If while waiting for a repeat you see new numbers appear, just cross off the oldest non repeater on your list. That now goes into the pool of units. It's always the last 18 separate numbers you want.
Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by GIAJJENNO on July 04, 2018, 11:56:11 PM »
So you before betting repeats, or unhits, you always wait for one to appear because they often appears in pairs? This could be a good idea? I thought you choose bet after equalizing, somehow you balance the unhit vs. repeater numbers with each other, and you calculate the betting.

So my question is, HOW do you choose that WHEN to bet and WHAT type of numbers (unhit or repeater) ?

Thanks for your reply.

Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by sam41 on July 04, 2018, 10:56:01 PM »
Well I usually look for repeaters because after you have 18 unique numbers you are normally only going back 20-22 spins to get that. So this is the time you expect to start seeing some repeats. As I've said, I wait for one before I bet as they often come in pairs and just in csse an unusual long run if new numbers comes, you don't want to be betting on every spin during that.

It was just today with a high number of repeats, it was 14 numbers with 9 repeats at one point, it made sense to focus on the unhits instead for a while. I still waited for one to appear before betting though just in case of a bad run. And you do that every time. I took down 34 results today, but I bet on only 6 spins, winning 5. For 60 units. I think you'll agree that's a safe and successful way to do it!
Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by GIAJJENNO on July 04, 2018, 08:43:44 PM »
How do you choose, that when to bet unhit numbers or repeaters, and why you choose that what to bet?


Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by sam41 on July 04, 2018, 07:52:02 PM »
Another 60 units won easily today. I noticed as I was waiting for my 18 unique numbers, there were loads of repeats. So I decided it was better to play the unhits this time instead. I waited for one, then bet the rest. Although this meant my first bet was on 22 numbers and it lost, so the wagering plan was off slightly. I waited for another new number then bet, increasing by 1.5 units instead of just doubling up. I won and was in profit. After that it was plain sailing, I won on new numbers easily a few more times. Then a repeat came and it had been a while now, so I bet on repeaters and got my final win of the session.

After 28 spins I had 17 numbers and 11 repeaters on the board so it was unusual, but this did level out to a more normal pattern which is when I got my final win on that last repeater. I was only on spin 34 at that point.

With more time and a growing bankroll I think this can do very well indeed.
Casino Lounge / Re: Trigger?
« Last post by mr j on July 04, 2018, 04:41:42 PM »
and another article >>
FICTION: Waiting for a trigger to bet increases your chances of winning You will either have a positive or negative edge, and waiting for something to happen like a sequence of numbers will not improve your chances of winning. The exception is if the “trigger” is directly related to a sequence of spins caused by physical variables of the wheel and ball. For example, if the trigger was “bet on whatever number that won most in 10,000 spins”, then this is bias analysis. But the “triggers” that have no effect are like “wait for 5 reds in a row then bet black”.
Notice how he tells the difference between two types of triggers. VERY similar to one of my threads. Not all triggers are the same.
Roulette Systems / Re: Tentative new single dozen idea
« Last post by Viking64 on July 04, 2018, 10:18:46 AM »
Just because I'm a bit of a spread sheet nerd, I ran another test over 10,000 spins and worked out the following:

Longest winning streak 15, longest losing streak 4.
Average win run - 3
Average losing run - 1

This is excluding non triggers

Best wishes...
Roulette Systems / Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Last post by sam41 on July 03, 2018, 07:57:14 PM »

Just won another 60 units in the space of about 20 minutes (and about 20 spins). I reverted to waiting for a repeater then betting the last 18 numbers that had appeared. I won first time on 4 occasions and on another it took until the 3rd go. I played it cautiously and doubled up to 2 units per number on the second attempt, but only moved to 3 units on the next, so with the win that restored my balance back to where I started. I could have doubled to 4 units and been in profit, but wins come so frequently with this I really don't see the point in risking it should you get an unlucky streak.

Also of note, I had literally just removed 14 off the top of my chart as it was the furthest back when a new number hit. Next spin, 14 hits! I dithered about whether to take that as a repeater or not, and decided I would. That was the first of my losing series, so the lesson is if it's gone, it's gone - even if only by 1 spin! If I'd adhered to the rules I wouldn't have bet.

I'm thinking big with this now - whereas when I play with my app, you need a lot of bankroll and sometimes it gets hairy, with this I see wins coming often and I think, could I just play £1 on 18 numbers and get 5 wins, for a £90 profit? Sure, of the 5 there are bound to be 2 or 3 that don't hit first time, so you need a good wagering plan. As I mentioned before, using the Labby could be quite effective.

I would expect I could get my 5 wins (into profit each time) within 50-60 spins, probably betting on no more than 10-15 of those (and that would be a bad session). To me that's the easiest way to £90 profit I've come across in a long time, without needing a massive bankroll (would think £200 more than enough). Also if I go to a B&M casino, the terminals typically give you the last 20 results, so there'd be even less waiting. As I play on Super Casino I get 10 results but then have to sit and wait ages to get my 18 unique numbers.

It's early days though, I'm still testing and playing either 25p units or 50p for now. But I like where this is going!
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