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Questions and Answers / Re: R.D. Ellison
« Last post by Jake007 on Today at 11:25:57 PM »
Agree. Makes no sense. Maybe its the balanced spread of 24 numbers that is better than covering 2/3 of the board. But again... makes no sense. On short run if spins... say under 10,000 we might see anomalies between the two method, but if say 1 million spins it should all be averaged out.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Bet Selection, Is It Misunderstood?
« Last post by Third on Today at 11:04:25 PM »
When I hear someone say "bet selection", I automatically think "a mechanical method to try and get the best chance to hit within a specified timeframe".  What I have learned about mechanical methods is that they all eventually reduce to their forecasted statistics (expectation); hence the commonly understood concept,"bet selection doesn't matter".

However, take any spin sequence of any length and there is ALWAYS a way to get better results than statistical expectation, simply by choosing correctly.  The longer the sequence, the greater chance that choosing correctly, means NOT choosing mechanically.

The best way that I have been able to conceptualize "non-mechanical" betting, is FLEXIBILITY.  That is, the ability to choose ones bets based on the gaming conditions, where matching one's bets to the wheel results is more important than any single type of bet.

FLEXIBILITY allows a player to follow their INTUITION which is informed by EXPERIENCE

How many computer simulations are given the option to choose their bets based on what they have learned from the sequence and past sequences they have analyzed?  How many human players actually allow learning and experience to affect which numbers they bet at any given time? 
Roulette Systems / Re: Dozen progression
« Last post by Third on Today at 09:45:41 PM »
I have personally seen a Dozen go missing for 39 spins and I can simulate 41 spins.  Plans should be made for that rare day that is approaching where a bust out in this progression occurs, either by a single drawdown or successive drawdowns.

Using the proposed structure, I wouldn't feel even slightly comfortable unless my progression was at least 82 elements in length.
Other topics (not related to casino or roulette) / Re: Migrant caravans
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 09:13:02 PM »
So.... NO Collusion!

The wall is going up and the caravans continue with greater numbers.

The Dems are running around like headless chickens screaming impeachment but don't have a reason to initiate proceeding.

The Fake News channels are still mumbling collusion but the new buzzword is now Obstruction.

All this while they enjoy cake made by a booming economy that became a reality under the leadership of President Trump.

Sanctuary cities don't want the illegal immigrants... it's panic mode for Nancy and her green team. They say it's illegal and immoral for the "caravaners" to be bused into sanctuary cities. How STRANGE!

HAHA yes she does!!
Indeed, Michael Crichton is a writer I want to read more from.
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