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Gambling Philosophy / Re: Marigny De Grilleau - Abstract Theory
« Last post by Stratege on Yesterday at 05:20:18 PM »
Sputnik, tu as présenté une très bonne idée. La progression en 36 termes est aussi très bien (je n’utilise pas de progression négative mais la Piquemouche, je la trouve très intéressante). Jusqu’à maintenant, j’ai vu 64 "spins" sans aucun "single". Pour peut-être valider ton idée, il faudrait un retard important des "singles" et que les séries de longueur 2 soient trop nombreuses. Ceci permettrait de bloquer ces séries de longueur 2 qui feraient perdre ton principe d'attaque. Cette seconde condition (écart positif) est indispensable.

Je suis désolé d'écrire « in french » mais, on critique les mots que j’ai mal traduit en anglais, alors j’ai pris cette décision pour ma tranquillité. 
Roulette Systems / Re: Talos BOOM!!!
« Last post by Jesper on Yesterday at 04:50:32 PM »
I use a variant, betting 12 numbers, Using a negative progression, 1  every 8th spin. And a positive, adding 1 on the hitted number. When on 2-figure plus, I end the game, by moving all or some to the last hitted, if win try again adding some more, doing so until a loss. Did 6687 units. In money only € 66.87. It is a 12 number using corners.
Students Last Secret By Adrian Buzan Fun Money Teach And Real Money Games.mp4 can watch here
Other topics (not related to casino or roulette) / Re: Blackjack
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Yesterday at 08:43:16 AM »
Thanks Micky for this video.

The explanation is very clear. and valuable. I am also sceptically for the Basic Strategy. I never advise to double , split or assure.
With my Excel program I have computed the average of the dead hit percentages voor the chart value 1 to 18. I have found on internet a table like mine with very small differences. This table is a very useful tool.

With the table you can also control advices of the basic strategy or others.

A progressive bet selection is very dangerous. This video have a 10 steps bet selection. In my video I am more careful and start the progression after a small loss. The skill of the player is very important In a real game the time for thinking is very short.

In my B&M casino the minimum  chip value  is 10 euro and the limit 400 euro.
Casino Lounge / Re: Dobbelsteen`Blog
« Last post by dobbelsteen on August 16, 2019, 03:54:03 PM »

The best strategy for the Black hotspot system is  the virtual loss of a Red streak.

There is another particular streak of 12 numbers. It are the  two clusters of number smaller the 8 and the numbers larger than 31. The picture gives the result of the occurrence of this streak for a 100 spins sample. It shows that the streak is seldom larger than 3.

These two triggers can help you to start a playing session
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: How To Keep The Bets Low As Possible
« Last post by Rinad on August 13, 2019, 08:54:40 PM »

  Third, I think that a way to lower betting is yes, having a target, but the betting dont have to be just the target itself. if I want to reduce my betting and lets said that my target is DS 1-6 , I like to start betting a unit on low, ec, right of way. I can hit a lot of low numbers until I hit my target.
if I hit my target 1-6  right of way, true I wont be getting as high of a return because I get paid less on the low ec, but if the goal is to keep bets and even know my target is a ds but I bet a ec ,it is the same as if I am betting a ds with much lower bets value.
all I would have to do is "decide" which ds is my target even know I am not betting it . but of course if I am losing the ec bets I then will regress the field, not by changing the target but by perhaps betting a dozen which includes my target bet. what is crucial to me is that I am "buying spins" at a much lower cost and keeping my betting as low and as long as I can.
so yes I am using the act of clustering my target into a larger field and even know I dont bet the target at first there is no law that said I cant just place a small unit bet on it if i would really wanted to.
the Target can just be included in the betting but does not have to be bet .
hope that was not too confusing,

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