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Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: NEW SYSTEM WITH 6 NUMBERS
« Last post by palestis on Today at 01:26:08 PM »
I used 1-6 to make it easier for the picture example. But it doesn't have to be those numbers.
In real life it could be any 6 numbers you choose. Like 4-12-17-23-29-35.
If after playing the 6 numbers there is no hit,  then you must have another list of 6 different numbers,
which you can play in the same roulette or another table. (after those 6 numbers don't come up in 6 spins).
The idea is to constantly come up with 6 different numbers, randomly chosen, so you can match the random spinning nature of roulette.
You may have the same 6 numbers all the time (in one DS for cheaper bets), and keep changing tables. You just make sure that those 6 numbers you will play haven't come up in the last 6 spins at every table.
 It is highly unlikely that each table will have the same DS missing for 12 spins.
But I haven't tested this way.
I come up with a new set of 6 numbers after a win or a loss of the 6 previous spins played.
Roulette Systems / Re: Dragon's Treasure
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 07:10:08 AM »
Would you try it now in real play?

I will, (when i have the possibility), right now, life circumstances i cannot, (im moving this month), so perhaps next month, yes... 8)
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Wise quotes
« Last post by mr j on Today at 03:32:50 AM »
A man's reach should exceed his grasp.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Positive Vs Negative Progressions
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 10:32:48 PM »
Problem of average roulette punter is that he doesn't know if he will have positive or negative variance. So he can not implement suxsessfull betting strategy.
    Progression does not matter. It's just edge multiplier. If there is no edge- nothing to multiply.
Questions and Answers / Re: The SOCALLED Law of the Thirds
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 06:41:40 PM »
I've had it before.......12 2peaters BEFORE my first 3peat. Thats a lot.

The *WHEN* of it is the killer.

We know WHAT will happen because of the stats but the WHEN of it is mostly hindsight.

Casino Lounge / Re: Goof bets at B&M
« Last post by heatmap on Yesterday at 01:45:12 AM »

"my attitude about my jokes didnt receive very good attention on wizard" >> Not much of a sense of humor over there.  ;D

sometimes but not alway but mostly good attitude toward my statements
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