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Title: How we must see the different of just cover tables or play paralell
Post by: Jesper on January 07, 2018, 10:48:08 AM

When we cover many numbers on the table there
are two different approach which sometimes
the players are not aware of.

The method can be dependent of all the
bets in the most views, or the bets are
all independent from each other as a method, with the
only restriction, it contains information
on more than one game at the same time.
That means we know more of our play, and can
resume if the bets together show profit.

If we play a method on a DS we know at the end
if we won or lost. We have no information on
any other session in the future.

If we play two parallel methods, we play two DS
which is an independent method, we got information
of two sessions at the same time, and can use that,
in the decision of if we play both to the end or stop.

Some which have seen me play up to 35 numbers,
use to not realize I do not cover the table
with one play, it is 35 different session in
parallel. Instead of playing 35 in a row, I can
use "Time travel" and have possible to watch
many sessions at the same time.
Then I can better judge when
it is time to stop, and only use them together
in that aspect.