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Double attack
« on: June 12, 2016, 06:36:55 AM »
In an other tread Kav start discussion on how to use a system with 1 chip for 35 spins. And the thread was probably to brainstorm a new betselection and other aspects, and how beginners can replace Martingale with an other progression. Progression with increased risk instead of increasing bets.

Many of my proposals have just that increase the risk and bet the same money every spin. I use to use a table with the best payout and lowest possible HA.

This method (the same I wrote about in the other thread), can be used with double attack. It is then no longer a method for beginners, as we must memory some which is critical to the method. Of course we can us tools as pen and paper.

The first is to chose two target number in two different dozen (if we are used to hot numbers chose two of them).
We bet a chip on each dozen, and from now we are going to bet 35 times or until it wins.

We start over only after a win in one of the dozens, the losing will continue until a win. So after some play they will not go in sync. (therefore good memory or notebook). To remember I use the notation as soccer result. I know the next step, but must remember how many times the same bet was placed.

The initial doz bets is called 1-1 if lost we play it again and it is called 2-2.
If one win the first spin and should start over they remember 1-2 or 2-1 depending on dozen lost or won.

After two trials on doz, we switch the bet(s) to the DS containing the target number.
And bet it for three spins or win. We remember the bets in the same way. If a chip is first time on a spot it is 1.
We can visually see which and do not need remember that (at least on RNG casinos).
If one chip is first time on dozen and third time on a doublestreet, we remember 1-3 or 3-1.

If lost after three trials on a DS, we move to the corner including the target number.
We do three trials or win reset.

Next time it is splits containing the target number, we try 9 times or until a hit.
The next is the target numbers and we make 18 trials or win.

At the end if we make at total loss we lose 70 units. That can happen, but most of the betting stops before we reach the straight ups.  The(Dop) system playing two straight ups with one unit for 35 spins cost the same, but here is the chance of a win larger, sometimes the win is smaller, but more winning trials.

If we want take a risk, we can if lost try the straight up for 17 spins more using two units.
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Re: Double attack
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 Hello ... could you give a link to that topic where Kav talk about the subject.

 Many Thanks


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Re: Double attack
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 Thank you December ...