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Using a 28 number bet on NOZ.
« on: June 04, 2016, 07:52:46 AM »

Reyth's Matt-U-Lette 28 number bet has
progressions which is a bit step for my

I also like to play where the payout
is fair, which make a lot of difference
when we cover most of the table.

In fact it does not matter how much
we stake, it is the loss and win,
which counts, and it is OK to hedge
the bet as no HA exists.

The 28 number bet shall win on 28
numbers and lose on the remaining 8
( on NOZ ).

We can hedge this numbers if we like.
If we put nine units on the two dozen,
and four number straight up in the
dozen we not cover with outside bets.
The remaining 8 we can bet with splits.

All numbers are covered, but 28 only

It is no  way we lose more than 8 units
in one spin.

The dozen hits gain one, and the straight ups
gain 10 units.

We lose 8 if the split hits. The splits
are just 8 numbers and should  hit
according to that in the longer run.

However a cluster of misses can put
the balance down, and we want to speed up
the recover.

Instead of rising the bets, we progress
by rising risk, and we can also
at that time lowering bets.

The hedging splits we can remove for one
spin, and we will get a least 5 back,
that spin IF NOT the numbers hits again.

We can move the bet on the splits
to the dozen, or the straight ups.

Or we can transform the 8 numbers
which has splits to 4 uncovered
and 4 straight ups.

The first attempt is remove the split
for one spin. If we got a loss, it
is 22 units, we have to try recover
by put the removed chips on the straight ups.

We can according to the situation and
how we play, do different things, like
move a split to a single, remove just one chips,
we chose that we think works best.

We can still lose, but a step progression,
if not successfull lose in most cases more.

When we cover many numbers, it is not
need for a fast recover, if we lose once
8 chips, and do a recover spin gaining 5 units,
we can expect to catch up in three spins,
with the normal set up.
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Re: Using a 28 number bet on NOZ.
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Thanks so much for this post!

I first need to say that only the progression system is mine and that the system itself was created by a mathematician (reputedly) and was given to another person who has promoted it on the internet.

The funny thing is that the person that promoted it, did so as a flat bet system!!

I woke up this morning thinking, "You know what, unless I can demonstrate a practically guaranteed recovery, I will always be vulnerable to an uncontrollable series of savage down-turns that I will never recover from".

Obviously this is completely the opposite of what you have just stated but the fact that you have said it and believe it means alot to me! :D

Thanks again! :D
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Re: Using a 28 number bet on NOZ.
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I did some plays of about 200 spins flat, and it was not bad at all. Flat betting gives never much win, but usually not heavy loss in short term.  You may have seen them in your own post.
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Re: Using a 28 number bet on NOZ.
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Yes, I suspect that my "savage sequence" post will need to be reverse-engineered because I fear it will rise to over 100,000 units required which I consider impractical to play.  So I can look at from a flat betting standpoint and maybe I will fins some middle ground...