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A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« on: May 29, 2016, 05:20:38 PM »

On a NOZ wheel I have been lucky winning 100 Euro every time I have
done an attempt using this method  except one when I lost 1100 Euro. Some times it has been many spins to come out.

If we get a repeater in about 8-10 spins it is easy.

The wheels has sometimes a lot of numbers showing up several times and if we gambling it will do so a while we can try.

Small dominion is needed, as we bet many chips. I would say do not use larger than 0.05 if you can risk less than 500 Euro. 0.1 if 1000.
Most of the time a bankroll much smaller would do, but we have more losses and smaller win. The win increase by delay up to some spins.

The chance of a large bust is there, but it is a decent chance to reach the double bankroll before.

I had one bust of 1100 out of winnings of over 5000. But luck can not be sure, we can lose from start and several times in a row.

I am not endorsing this play anybody who will be economic hurt by a loss, rather players who have experience in such losses, and know it belongs to the game.

We bet the last number fallen using one unit. Next bet is the two last fallen numbers using two on each.
And we bet the last three with three chips. We continue until a number wins, or we have ten numbers with ten chips bet.
We never use more numbers than 10. Most of the time we win before.
Now we change strategy and trying to  come out on a good balance.

We add one more chip to the ten numbers every spin and play until we hit one of them.
If we  are close to break even or a small win, we can stop.

If we want to continue, we reduce the total bets with 36 chips, from numbers we think
may not hit in near (just a guess).
We can continue with a fewer numbers. We still add a chip on the numbers we play every spin.
And repeat the reduction on next hit.

We stop if we have some plus, which in some cases can be large.

I do not stop if the plus is too small for the risk I take, the hot number can hit twice
in a few spin, or a cluster hit on a few number can boost the win.

I think it is best to test it out carefully in fun mode, to understand how it works,
how the result will be in different level of risk, too carefully and gain less on a session
which then not give result to pay the losses. Know when to stop the session is essential,
it can theoretical run until the table is empty with a huge win, but the odds of that
is remote.

I use the method only when I see the wheel spit out a lot of the same numbers,
we know it sometimes do it for many spins
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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2016, 06:04:07 PM »
I have done some analysis of repeaters in these two posts:

Would this method work better with splits?

Funny I was just thinking that all systems seem to be of certain types (classifications) and therefore run into the same challenges from the worst sequences that other systems of that type do. 

Like if we were to make a "library" of systems under general headings it could be a very interesting and organized way to confront and make progress against the challenges faced by the various systems.
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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
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I have tried splits, but find straight better. Sometimes when we check a repeating split, it is a single which make it near all the time, the other number may not be hot at all, and the split shows up as an average. A moderate hitting split can contain a hot number and a sleeping.

I would rather bet 005 on straight than 010 on splits.
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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2016, 07:49:53 PM »
We need a bankroll which suit the play, it may looks strange we need "10000 chips" bankroll, but it is not pennyplay, we need many to do fraction bet. The bet on the table can be a bit over 20 Euro using 0.1 chips.

Attached is the statistic from a play today. The bet at the end (not the largest) were over 10 Euro, the session turnover were 320 Euro and the win is 122.8 Euro, lasting 36 spins. 7 hits. Downdrawn about 100 Euro.
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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2016, 05:12:06 AM »
Tack Jesper!

Just began to learn Svenska, you hear me in 6 months...  :D
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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2016, 07:35:29 AM »

Sessions with methods there we have to decide more, and it is not handled mechanically can
often in the  meantime using scary money be rather useless, as the player never ride the positive waves, and stop at any small plus. Its however a risk in both approach, but sometimes it is costly to not use the chance winning more. The loss which can come any session, should have been paid in other before i the best of worlds.

This time I saw a good repeating on a few numbers, continue despite a plus of over 100. On a hit
I reduce the bets and stay with only a few. A few more spins (which would cost if I lose half of the plus) There were three hits in four spins, changing the winning up a lot.

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Re: A method for players weighing risks and rewards.
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2016, 01:26:31 PM »

A got a thought trying to press the game until no chips are left. If we can do that a good winning is guarantied. It is risky, and it can be foolish, be a sign of hubris's, as the play can destroy a rather good session at the end. For the play the zero wheel were used, as there it is just one cent as min compare to 5 at NOZ. A 5 times larger bank can in many cases compensate for the HA.25 Euro was used win or lose.

Just one session is played, so we can not get any clue of if 5 times the bank compensate. I am
sure if so low bank as 25 Euro is used, it may be better to chose 2500 chips instead of 500.

The play ended after 236 spins, and the lowest down was about 30 Euro, but at that time the balance were
over 30 plus. Before it was never down in the 25 more than I could see 18 on the screen.

When a few number, or one is left, it can go down much, but on a hit the winnings are large.

I ended with a hit on 57 chips, and if I follow the rules strict I should have removed 37 and
start the play on one number with 20 cent, that I did not, lack of time and happy with the result.

Only in the start it was small minus from 25 Euro after a hit, later never.

The balance after a hit and plus was:


This was a good one, we can not expect all like this. It works as in any play, we win if we hit often enough!
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