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Have just signed up to this forum - not sure if this is the right place to make my first posting, but I'll leave it to the moderator to move this post if I've got it wrong.

I've been running a hobby web site since 2012, dedicated to lots of stuff gambling (in the main in the UK), and as part of this I've offered up various pieces of spreadsheet work I've created for use by others. Two of these relate to roulette and may be of use to contributors here; a roulette simulator that can simulate up to 10 million spins (uses the RNG built into Excel) and an evens-payoff positive progression system that can be tested on a step-by-step basis for each cycle and trialled using the simulator function. All of the downloads from my site are freebies, so I'm not try to plug anything here that requires money to change hands. Any issues around posting a link to the downloads page here?


On a slightly different note, my first experience with a wheel of doom was on my first visit to a casino (at the ripe old age of 47) when I dropped a single chip on to ten black, and it came up. If I'd walked away at that point I could have been satisfied that I was a roulette winner, but I didn't and overall I'm not. No surprise there I think. Despite the odds against winning longer term, I still enjoy sitting at the felt on occasions and blowing the odd score or two and watching the antics of others at the table - although I don't do it too often nowdays. My most recent visit to a house of chance was around eight weeks ago (a pretty depressing experience), and before that over a year prior.

Best of luck at the felt.




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We get around UK21 - don't we ?


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Indeed.  Mrs UK thinks I should get out more.


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Welcome aboard UK!

I have to admit that a big part of my fascination with roulette is the mere elegance of the game. It's the most beautiful table game in the casino. The blazing green felt of the table with it's red and black areas, the fancy numbers,colorful chips and the wheel, soft glow of the lights above.  It's mesmerizing, almost hypnotic.


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Thanks. I can think of other adjectives to describe roulette, but I'm afraid elegant wouldn't make the list  - there was certainly nothing elegant about the venue I visited a few weeks back in Edinburgh, nor any of the regional casinos I've ever been to in the UK. Even the beautiful gaming rooms in the KurHaus casino in Baden-Baden, Germany, would be stretching it a bit bearing in mind the behaviour and manners of many of those Mrs UK and I shared our evening with there. Depends where you go I suppose - the Ritz or the Claremont Club possibly, the Grosvenor in Leicester or Birmingham definitely not!

It reminds me of my first ever visit to a casino (a Gala in Northampton - now closed down) . . . I called prior to visiting and was told smart, casual dress was a pre-requisite to get in. I put on a suit and tie and Mrs UK some glad-rags - we could have been attending a wedding. Guess what? We were the best dressed couple there and stood out like a pair of bulldogs. As someone I use to work with quipped, "James Bond it ain't ! !"

Best of luck at the felt.    :)