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My roulette system
« on: December 04, 2013, 09:59:26 AM »
Hello fellow roulette players,

I wanted to share my roulette strategy at the casino. This system may seem simple and not very well thought out, however, it works for me better than any other system I have tried. I was obsessed with roulette from the first day I played over 10 years ago. It inspired me to create a roulette testing website and I have tested many systems both in theory on the website and in practice at the casino. I believe that this system works for a number of reasons, mostly from wheel bias and dealer signature, but also from higher level intuition. The system requires 6 straight up bets, 5 bets will be based on wheel bias and dealer signature, and one bet will be the intuition bet. I know this sounds like voodoo witchdoctor science, but your mind has an amazing ability to calculate and perceive the world around you and give you the results in a 'gut' feeling. So, for part of the bet, we will capitalize on it.

Game play:
 I usually start out with $100 in $1 chips and either track the numbers or most of the time find a board that shows the results. From the past results I pick 5 numbers that have repeated the most. Then I play those 5 numbers until one hits. While playing, I am keeping an eye out for the next hot number to play. When I win, I'll move the bet to that new hot number.

The 6th bet:
The first 5 bets stay the same until one wins. The 6th bet is optional and is played when you have a hunch about number.

Never increase the bets, and I usually stop playing when I have $200 or more on the table.

I love this strategy because it involves some tracking, it is easy to play, doesn't involve betting hundreds of chips at once, and allows for some hunch betting which can be fun to take the monotony away.

I'm sure people will say this system is mathematically unsound, but yet, I have won the most with it. Hundreds more than with other systems.

Thank you for reading,

By the way, here is my roulette website. It is free to use and has a few tools that may be useful.

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Re: My roulette system
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 06:14:09 PM »
Hello Tollens,

Thank you very much for your system. All systems that are truly tested on "the field" , and I mean real casinos and real roulette tables, are worth our consideration.

Some questions:

You say "While playing, I am keeping an eye out for the next hot number to play. When I win, I'll move the bet to that new hot number."
How does that work exactly? Do you just bet this one number? Or you increase the number of bets to 7? Or you dismiss the number that just hit?

If the numbers do not hit, what do you do? Do you keep betting these numbers until you lose your bankroll? What you do if for example you have lost 10 spins?

Thanks again for posting I have great respect for you.



Re: My roulette system
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2013, 10:09:30 PM »
Hello Kav,

Thank you for your response. I always bet 5 numbers single unit on each number plus one extra optional number one unit. Once I pick the 5 numbers, I keep playing them until one wins. If I notice another number that has come up a few times, then I will move the bet from the number that just won to that new hot number. Sometimes I will move the bet back to a previous hot number if I hasn't hit for awhile. I believe that playing the numbers that come up is the best way. I have tried playing cold numbers before and really lose. That 6th optional bet is important because I don't want to be completely ridged when I think the wheel is favoring a number. I keep playing until my bankroll is gone. If I more than double my money then ill pocket it and play with the left over amount because I do not like leaving when I'm winning either.


Re: My roulette system
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2013, 09:11:21 PM »
That's clear, thanks.
A nice combination of hot numbers with a bit of improvisation.