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A simple system
« on: December 29, 2015, 11:18:34 PM »

I see you all are looking for ideas, so here my little help.
  This is a system very effective that I used some years ago. The reason I left it is simple: I cannot accept a system with a stop-loss criteria.
  A perfect system must have some qualities in its structure, like easy to manage, no deep calculation needed, a reasonable bankroll, and a general good gameplay, with no choices to be made during the game.
  So here the system, and the good and flaws of it, in my opinion. Feel free to use it, test it or improve it.

The system tries to get advantage on repetitions. As you all know, in a full cycle (37 spins, or 38 in an american wheel) on average 2/3 of the numbers will be out, and 1/3 will not. We don’t know which numbers will be repeated, and how many times, but they will.
  The system is played on straight numbers, and I’ll show you an actual play that took place in Atlantic City a three years ago, more or less.
  This was the situation when I approached the table. A list of the last sorted numbers, from the oldest to the last one.
      So I started playing with a single chip on all numbers from the one following the repeated one. The total is 5 numbers, or five chips, as I should say. Then the next one was
21 play 6, balance -11
3 I hit, easily. Profit 25
       Now the game is a single chip on 3 numbers (24-21-3)
21 so, with just three shots, another hit (is not always so easy… I included it to let you handle the idea before getting serious). I played a total of 12 chips for a profit of 24. Now still three numbers to play (26-23-21)
14 (+4 chips played = balance -7)
4 (+5 = -12)
5 (+6 = -18)
28 (+7 = -25)
8 (+8 = -33)
23 Profit 3. New start, I played 7 chips (21-14-4-5-28-8-23)
16 (+8 = -15)
21 Profit 21. New start, play 8 numbers)
1 (+9 = -17)
20 (+10 = -27)
5 (-38)
30 (-50)
35 (-63)
31 (-77)
23 (I won 36, so my balance at this point is -41) My selection for the next bet is the same as before (numbers from 16 down to 23, for a total of 9 numbers) adding 1 to my bet, so I put 2 chips on every number. The total played is 18 chips, for a total balance of -59)
0 (+20 = -79)
31 Still not in positive, I am -7. New selection with just three numbers (23-0-31) with 3 chips on each. Total bet is 9 and the balance is now -16.
31 straight repetition. I won 92 chips. The total for this session is 165.
Ok, is not always so good, as you can see for yourself. You can reach a multiplier of 25+ and a need for a huge bankroll (more than 1000 chips) so you are forced to a stop-loss.
  This system taught me a great lesson: if a system let you gain a lot, it will cost you a lot. Every system who promises you to get more than the mere nominal chip is always a mirage. Sooner or later will put you upside down.
  Sure, this method can let you have hundreds in minutes, but it is risky. It easy to track because every roulette table nowadays has the last sorted numbers visible on a screen, and there is no need of calculation, really. I had to remember just the total balance I have at the beginning of the game (I play on automatic wheels, because real tables are too slow) and that’s it.
  I think it can be improved, sure I tried, then I jumped in something better and I left it. I hope you will enjoy it. As always, forgive me for my clumsy English.


Re: A simple system
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Thanks for posting. Interesting.


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Re: A simple system
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This sound very interesting method!!
With stop loss limits it Works nice.

Dr.Talos; do you play inside bets or outside even chances recently?


Re: A simple system
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   Thanks for posting Dr Talos. I tend to avoid complex and expensive systems. It is too easy to make mistakes at the table.

     This is technically very good. it is interesting to compare it with Ignatius's post.

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Re: A simple system
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All is nice,with only but - if you simply always bet last 5 numbers how Real suggest and bet the same amount of units per number - in your sequence you will win 173 and risk to lost much, will be much smaller :)


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Re: A simple system
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I agree, Bebediktus!


Re: A simple system
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2016, 12:41:55 AM »
This is exactly why I no longer use it. Grants very huge winning, and some painful losses. Now, I completely abandoned selections of numbers to play, and I worked just with Progression.
  This system can be used selecting twins or streets instead of straight numbers, works quite in the same way.