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Theoretical to Physical to Applicable
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  Theoretical to Physical to Applicable
{There is truly an infinite number of systems, because statistics can be manipulated in an infinite number of ways.
On the other hand, physics describes the way the world actually IS. The laws of physics as applied to roulette are comparatively few in number and are quite simple. This apparent limitation is a good thing, because it narrows down the possible number of "systems" which are possible. Randomness has no limits, but physics (as applied to roulette) does}-(Quote by Mike on Roulette30 Forum).
The first challenge for a restless and inquiring mind, was to learn the rules, limitations, etiquette (yes, there was, and still is at the better Salons) and various pay-out scales for the game.

It did not take long to realize that the 'House” had a seemingly impenetrable advantage. Even as a teenage nerd, I could understand the numerical disadvantage of attempting to exploit all of the staking odds and table limits at one hit.
The law of diminishing returns is never been more profoundly demonstrated
than in the following example.
I have 40 units (in chips, each of $X value) and 'picture' number 20, for this example. 1 straight, 4x2 splits, 4x4 corners, 1x3 street, and 12 (2x6) lines, 40 total.
The ball lands on 'my' number 20 and I am paid 392 chip units.
Of those 40 chips 28 returned nothing, zip, ziltch nada, but, at least I did not lose them, Big Deal, the straight up number odds are 35 to one, I hit my target and was returned odds of 9.3333333 to one, and the casino still raked the 2.7 percent table tax, in fact the remaining 12 (of the original 40) should have, if all was fair in love and casinos paid 420 units, just over odds of 10 to 1.
This fiendish game was going to be more of a challenge than expected.
How serious was I, could I be?
Initial access to gaming 'venues' and 'private' clubs was restricted and not always available, and sometimes access was as undesirable as snakebite.
I put up with several years of close shaves and misadventure where walls of shadowmen with gold picket fence fangs hovered in the smoke haze, but, when you are young and fearless, you engage in young and fearless pursuits.
Believe it or not, I envisaged a future world where classy, bright, (public and legal) Casinos would provide clean, sanctioned entertainment for all.
To become more adept and educated about the game, I spent around six months building dedicated equipment, bought a mahogany and rosewood wheel and a set of gaming chips, and trained like an Olympian, with a few variations.
For a start, the layout was baize over a 2.5ml rubber sheet, regulation size, scale and height, accessible from both sides (ala Francaise) without numbers, just golden frames and blank spaces .
Left it somewhere in the seventies, and have no idea what may have happened to it, but it was my work of art, and the best learning tool I could imagine (at the time)
Now it is just an anecdote, but using it then, with the color chips, I could cast any combination of patterns I so desired in very smart order and know at a glance that I had covered the desired plan.
Centered at the table, I trained myself to use both hands to hit the required pattern in mere seconds, and could almost have done it with my eyes closed.
I developed a method for “reading” a roulette table-in-play, and, although it has made some moderate returns over the years, the most valuable part of “reading” showed me what tables not to play, even to the extent of walking out of a particular salon without a buy-in..........Ringmaster.


Re: Theoretical to Physical to Applicable
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Ringmaster and dobbelsteen are different persons with the same passion for roulette and experience.This paper has also a warning for the new generation rouletteplayers. There is no Holy Grail but with a good plan you can have a lot of pleasure.It is along way to become a successful profplayer.

Re: Theoretical to Physical to Applicable
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Thanx Dobbelsteen, for the encouragement, I tried playing your local variation, Boule? in your lovely country, but it was juuusstt twwoooo sslowww for me with that big rubber? ball. I guess we will involved for quite a while on this project.


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Re: Theoretical to Physical to Applicable
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