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with respect,

This my last Topic,
[therefore will retire my self from any forum.]

Please read below quotes by two respected gentlemen of gambling.
Hang them on your wall, and read a million time.

It is not the house edge that can not be surpassed. Progressive betting is meant for that only. It is indeed variance that empties both flat bettors as well as progressive bettors and virtual limits that you can get of variance momentarily is unbeatable with any progressive betting.
Quote by Albalaha.

"In short, instead of counting your profit, try to identify and understand what is the worst spin sequence that can ruin your system. This is much more useful information."
quote by KAV

We always read, people posting
of how they trying to beat roulette
with whatever method and strategy that they devised,
 BUT seldom, [or never?],
read about why and how a strategy fail and the remedy.

Thus let me start the ball roll, and u may add in your opinion.

Why that system fail?

Martingale [marthy]

Simply because of long sleep
that depleted the bankroll or table limit.

But many kind of progression, simply a stretch marthy.

But if we wait for very long sleep,
and then hope the 'horrible-variance',
 wont repeat,
 we MAY win, but as soon as we LOSE once,
 we depleted our BR and need to suffer,
 chicken feed win, to set-off the huge losses,
 and if we suffer TWICE losses, in a day,
that the end.

Labourche [Labby]

33%plus one more win.
Any less than that will suffer huge progressing losses.

Thus if we wait for a virtual losses,
then only we bet,
hoping that horrible variance wont repeat soon,
we may win.
But then again,
if TWICE losses in row, then that the end for the BR.

Parlay for X time.
then again we lose when the X wont happen, and we keep waiting and betting parlaying till the BR depleted.

Oscar pluscoup.
Then again, after the horrible variance,
the horrible may hit again, till the BR dried.
Then again, wait after a 'horrible',
the flat just fall flat at the face..

then someone say, "wait for a horrible",
 "No!" the other says wait for "DOUBLE horrible",
then the other says "That will  a life-time wait...!"

Well Gentlemen,
What say U?



So, you're quitting roulette. or just forum posting?

Good luck anyway!


Re: understand what is the worst spin sequence that can ruin your system.
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Asuming your desired target will pay off the debt, is the worst sequence defined as:

The sequence with the longest successive misses before your desired target hits

Or can there be a worse session that is hiding in the statistical output?

Since only losses/misses can hurt us, I don't see how there can be anything worse than as defined above?

Obviously if our desired target does NOT pay off the debt, then we run into successive SERIES of losses that exceed the profit generated by our desired target before profit can be restored.

The underlined is the reason I almost gave up on roulette.  The ability to deal with the bolded is the reason I haven't. :D

UPDATE:  I just answered my own question!  The worst sequence most certainly does NOT have to be the one with the total most successive misses because losses can cluster together tightly within a smaller number of total losses.

I am pretty sure that the worst sequences will always be close in total loss spins though...
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Re: understand what is the worst spin sequence that can ruin your system.
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Never heard about the SSB method?

Noboddy has accepted the challemge to beat SSB.

SSB Can be beaten by an event of a sequence of 20 ECs