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I have visited and I'm still visiting lots of roulette forums in the past years. I've read lots of real BS posts, but I can't say that I've never read something VALUABLE.

What I've also noticed is that noone nowhere never even thought to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND CONTRIBUTION to these guys which invested years from their lives to get to some solid conclusions and then share these conclusions with us without asking for even a dollar/euro for it, thus saving years from our lives (and money too).

Thinking about this, I've came to the idea to create this thread in which everyone will write a nickname of a roulette player which contributed to the roulette community and explained what he learned from him and mention few of his mind-works.

I'll start with these guys:

well known player, active in most of the active forums across the web, always there to help the newbies. What I've learned from him: the "700 / X (numbers)" rule, longest run in EC (RB) chances. Thank you bro!

our respected admin (the only thing he has done is selling a system - which is a step I'll never support). His workings and the data collected and published on his site Roulette30 helped me a lot (indirectly) in constructing my winning approach. Your nickname and your dedication shall not be forgotten NEVER!

your humor, just like your dedication to this forum, is priceless bro. :) You're one of the few guys that work with such passion and then just pass the conclusions with all of us without holding back a bit of information. Your name deserves to be in this group.

he is not active on the threads on this forum, but he is similar to Reyth in his dedication. When he tests something, HE TESTS it and then put the conclusions/results publicly, no matter if the results are good or bad. There are lots of testings done from him and published in other forums, and there is lot to be learned from these testings. Deserves being in this group.

There is no ranking in this group.

Feel free and write your opinion.

P.S. Egoism is strictly prohibited.


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Yes I think the more we all work together with our investigations the better off we all are.  I have learned from every person you mentioned and many others you haven't! 

We can all work together as roulette brothers!

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What I learn in short period that I am "in the game", mostly I can thank in the first place to following gentlemen from this forum:

Ignatus and recently
Jesper, Reyth and GNO

Thank you friends!


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the forum for sharing their thoughts with other members.
I really, truly appreciate everyone's every little single post.
Roulette is a lonely road, it is great to be able to share knowledge, say "hi" and get inspiration along the road.
This is what this forum is all about. And I feel very lucky by the quality and variety of participants.

And just a word about Reyth. I can assure you that he really loves roulette and this community and tries his best to keep the discussions at the highest standard without being intrusive. And I thank him for his help.
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