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Dozen betting using hot numbers
« on: June 20, 2015, 09:43:12 AM »
When playing on a fixed dozen, we do not expect
winning twelve times with different numbers,
it have to be some double hit or more and
some numbers may not hit at all.

I will run a session in real mode with low stake.
Betting 12 on outside dozen, and one each on
the 12 straight ups. If a hit add on on the number
and one of the outside bet.

This use to work, the disadvantages with soft
progressions, is long sessions, a winning streak
will not allways catch up. It use to drop down and
wobble minus for long, before it may catch up.

Start playing!

220 u plus in 179 spins. At most down 2000 u.
Which means it starting with terrible bad hit rate.
Ended with good hit rate on higher bets.
One number only hit once.
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Re: Dozen betting using hot numbers
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2015, 10:27:46 AM »
With a more strong progressions, the sessions use to be shorter, the downdrown in many cases smaller.  A shorter winning streak take it back to plus.

As the progression is positive, a losing streak do not demand higher and higher bets.

As all positive progressions, a long losing streaks follow by a winning streak make it win.
If we lose and sometimes win, increasing the bets, but never reach the break even,
we are in problems. Cluster of win and loss works best.

This had an aggressive progression  1,3,7 on numbers and 12,16,24 on the DOZ.
fewer hits, shorter winning streaks needed.
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Re: Dozen betting using hot numbers
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Mr. Jesper - this is interesting approach.
If you will be good to explain a little: how come you have different wages on numbers.
It has to do with numbers which hit... How and when goes the progression?



Re: Dozen betting using hot numbers
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Yes we assume the numbers will not hit at the same rate, on 12 hits on a dozen, we do not expect 12 different numbers. Some numbers will sleep.
We start using 12 u on the outside dozen, and 1 each on the numbers in said dozen.

When the dozen not hit we keep the same bets. On a hit, we progress the on the hitting number and
the outside dozen. 

We can add one chip or use a more aggressive progression.  If the dozen got repeating number hits, the bets are higher on those numbers, the sleeping numbers, if hitting has low bets, but get some
from the common bets on the outside dozen.

You can test different styles of progression in free play.
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