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what will past spin tells?
« on: August 01, 2019, 11:45:21 AM »
People with some education, knows the spins on a roulette are independent events.  Can we get any hints from past spins?

I will say yes, but doubt we can use it to get more hits. We can see in a cycle of 37 spins, from start, every number hitting twice, make a sleeper more.  It may be the reason many play repeated numbers.  The finding is right the past spin tells there will be sleepers in the cycle.   We are also looking at probability, which says all numbers have the same chance to hit.  I have study the statistic of how numbers can behave, and using repeating numbers with a progression, wins far more often than lose. The backside is the losing sessions are very much more expency than the average winning sessions.  The way to win is to get enough winning (simple math).  If we manage this, I would say we got it without any other reason, the ball hit our way.


Re: what will past spin tells?
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I remember there is a mathematical formula that uses the last spins to predict the next hit, or so. One guy taught me that some years ago, saying it was accurate enough to give a hit in few spins, with a 93% accuracy in 35 spins. With a single number doesn't seems that bad.
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Re: what will past spin tells?
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I think sectors of numbers hold particular patterns which relate to irregular cumulative distribution of hits, in direct proportion to an increased chance of gaining a hit.  This will only work with static (pre-determined) sectors and we may need to develop a criteria that would exclude, say, "super sleepers" or "exclusive sleepers" -- but maybe not.


Re: what will past spin tells?
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I can do a method and use it, which make 4000 wins in a row. The backside is 4001 can steal all or more.  If we can postpone it so long, we not care, it is working.

I have had loss of 10000 a few times, but been in a situation it has been some left. A back to back loss, is just a small bankroll, it is losses compared to wins, in "the long run".  The long run must be beyond our lifetime.


Re: what will past spin tells?
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DR Talos!

A repeater in 8 spins are rather sure %50% or more, but we do not win.   We can for example use the first 7 numbers and a repeat is about 40&. If we play those numbers and not add more, using a positive progression, the chance of a win is almost sure, but a bad streak can disturber the lot.  If the wheel happened to be  a small amount not "fair" we can get some better result. repeated numbers are almost all time better than think of wake up.

Try (in fun or excel)  back the last fallen to the edge, bet the fallen numbers one chip, and add on repeat. You will win a lot of times, but a fail will cost.  Our "skill" needs some luck.
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Re: what will past spin tells?
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I like your last line Jesper; "Our skill needs some luck".

Prediction does not guarantee a win but it does increase the odds of a win over a limited number of spins.

Palestis XXY, XYX and YXX triggers predict a win within three/four spins. This is based on the repetitive nature of roulette. Prediction is primarily based on repetition or recurring patterns. Each spin is independent to the utmost percentage but is never truly 100% independent.

In a recent thread on the ability of croupiers targeting specific numbers on the wheel it comes to light that even the independence of each spin can be tampered with.

Bottom line is that prediction needs a bit of lady luck charm every now and then.