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Life Teaches You Roulette.
« on: July 03, 2019, 05:57:49 PM »
Life Teaches You Roulette.
Life teaches you how to play roulette. A bold statement but if you stop and think about it, it will make sense to you. There is no permanent safe haven in any country and life will deal you random blows no matter where you are. Life hasn’t changed from our creation. It remains a case of survival of the fittest. Fitness in our current position is attributed to how we use our brains and not so much our brawn. But… brawn may protect you from an isolated situation, so it should never be totally dispelled as a practice of old.

I live in South Africa, one of President Trump’s s***hole countries (he reads the wheel very well). Serious aggressive crime on your doorstep teaches you very quickly to take stock of your situation no matter the time of day or where you may be. There are no guarantees that variance (crime) won’t affect you. The only entity with a guarantee is the state because as long as you live, the state extracts tax from you either directly or indirectly. Living off grid is no solution as you are still bound to taxation through any purchase or any movement you make other than walk. The state is the house and they intend bleeding you of any progress you personally make in your own life.

We can bitch and moan forever and a day but eventually we give in and return to the soil. How many hardships do we endure that have been created by the state? Some of us have to content with situations beyond our control. I can not control the mindset of the masses who constantly vote for a failure of a government simply because of likeness of being. I have to think “out of the box” to survive. The obvious solution is move to another table that is more “my method friendly”. To spend a life on the run always looking for friendly waters is allowing life to dictate life to you. Staying in a doomed situation is calling for an early end to yourself unless you learn how to cope and survive. As always, there is no guarantee and you will always be expected to risk whatever is of value to you. Your roulette chips are your lifeblood and you need to know the payoff for the risk.
“For every adversity and every failure comes with it the seed of an equivalent benefit” Napoleon Hill from his book Think and Grow Rich.

What life lessons have you experienced that you can relate to your approach to roulette?
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Re: Life Teaches You Roulette.
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About 25 years ago, I took a one-week-long survival class and learned how to track and stalk prey.  One time, later on in life, I was walking down from the mountains and saw a squirrel.  I began to stalk, which involves a very large amount of patience, as one is required to move in extreme slow motion (in effect standing completely still, while moving) and total silence. 

All of a sudden a dog comes running up to attack the squirrel.  When he got almost to the squirrel, he suddenly realized that I was standing about three feet infront of him and it was an amazing sight to behold, his total shock and attempt to move backwards against the force of gravity caused by his running; in effect, I had been invisible!

Deliberate patience has its payoff!  8)

Native hunters would pray to God to deliver their prey to them as part of their hunting ritual.  They were able to observe God delivering the prey into their hands.  Its harder in modern society to realize that relationship between God and our food, since we hunt out of a grocery store.

There may be a connection between modern society and an instant gratification mindset.
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Re: Life Teaches You Roulette.
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Well told Third; I actually visualized the situation. You are such a stalker....Hahaha.
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Re: Life Teaches You Roulette.
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My younger daughter was bullied in boarding school so I taught her how to throw a mean punch. I told her that if she punched the bully girl in the nose and drew blood it would end the bullying. During the following week I spoke with my daughter on the phone and she told me that I could expect a call from the headmaster because she was involved in a fight with the bully girl. She punched and drew blood. This forged a friendship between the two. The bully girl befriended my daughter because she saw my daughter as a fighter and rather wanted her on her side. My daughter had no other problems in the one semester she attended that school.
My eldest daughter bunked school for the day just to feel what it was like to bunk. She enjoyed the day but that was the last time she bunked. She was more concerned about catching up on lost work than the pleasure of time off. The moral of the story; stick to your method when in play. Don't try and find wins elsewhere; they may not be worth it.
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Re: Life Teaches You Roulette.
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The only instant gratification that we will get from roulette is an all expenses paid trip to the parking lot with empty pockets.

I remember when I surprised the crud out of a bully in high school and drew blood in a flurry of punches.  I spent about 30 seconds staring at the rotund aggressor and all of a sudden I was filled energy from all my life's frustration and I took it out on his face.

I might as well point out that we should never provoke violence as there is a direct connection between fighting and murder; the best self-defense is avoiding conflict.

I remember what happened to Jesper, stories from other people and my own experience in a casino environment and so if I actually played in a B & M casino, I would bring this:

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