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Are They Really Here To Learn?
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:25:37 PM »
Are members and visitors here to learn and contribute?

Threads are started and eventually burn out and are forgotten. There is always a new flavour on the forum that is chased in the hope that it might be the one.

Ken has evolved in the game and who he is today as a player can not be compared to who he was in his 2012 year book. He has shared a great deal on the forum and it is up to each person to research and test his words. The majority of people don't pay attention because the promise of profiting from roulette that Ken speaks about requires the player to get down and dirty doing some real hard work. It's all there but it will always be out of reach if effort is not applied.

Are people really here to learn or just to latch onto the latest flavour?
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Re: Are They Really Here To Learn?
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Lets sat there is a guy who lives in LV. Been playing roulette for 45 years, 4 days a week. Nets 15K per week, different casinos so he stays under the radar. Proof? I know thats tough but just pretend a few of you guys have heard of him, maybe some YouTube videos, he's been on the news and has written three roulette books.

The guy really knows his s**t. The issue is, MOST here will not listen to his advice or follow his examples. Why? I have no clue. I loved being a roulette student some years ago, I really did. Today, ego has taken over.

Bob will NOT take advice from Frank. Bob's pride prevents him from doing so. Why? Again, I dont know. There are some very stubborn people here (NOT everyone) and at RF.


Re: Are They Really Here To Learn?
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Well MickyP each waking moment ;even  sometimes sleeping moments as well😉 there is always something to learn when it comes to the game of Roulette as opposed to Blackjack... Ideas are tossed around ; strategies played and tested till it bombs out and as you so rightfully said It is done and dusted. Just when one thinks one has hit the nail on the head with a strategy ; you end up realising you have actually hit both thumbs instead when the you see how flawed your tactic was in the very first instance. However that will never deter one in the quest for "The One"... Guess that's what keeps forums alive and ticking new ideas new possibilities and offcourse the not so possibilities...
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Re: Are They Really Here To Learn?
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A nice post, Thanks UnlikelySam, you hit the nail on the head.... ;D
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Re: Are They Really Here To Learn?
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When you are a novice you are open to other peoples ideas. You are very much in a learning phase.
The trick is to nurture this spirit so that you are always open to new ideas.

Unfortunately many older members become cynical and all knowing. This goes for all aspects of life, not just roulette players.


Re: Are They Really Here To Learn?
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My roulette mate has known a guy that he claims beat roulette but even so
... he's 1500units minus !!!!  ;he s insisit that his method will work  on future and recover!!! The guy is f... crazy he thinks that he has the best method ever made ! Hes forum member as well better not call his name, seriously I 've met guys related with gambling and tell em that I can beat roulette and watching me like an alien ! People are stupid !