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Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« on: January 14, 2019, 07:14:04 AM »
Different players have mentioned their Bankroll that is specific to their method or style of play and I think that revisiting this topic may assist some in setting the parameters for their play.

To keep it simple let's refer to bankroll in terms of units.

My daily bankroll is 200 units and my goal is (40%) 80 units profit per day. I spread this (80 units) over 8-10 sessions. I start each session with 60 units so I have enough to lose three sessions in a row. This hardly ever happens but if and when it does I leave with 20 units of my bankroll still in my pocket.

I decided on the above as a realistic value to set my game play around. Winning 8 to 10 units per session to me is realistic and all my methods are capable of attaining this goal.

Everything I do in the game is broken down into small bits that can easily be managed and this is why I am able to churn out an income from the game.
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Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
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It is important to understand what I mean by parameters. It means GUIDELINES.
The parameters and use of my bankroll is not set in stone. Not all my methods require the same 60 unit starting session bank' some require 100 units and others as little as 20 units, I gave an average of my approach as a point of reference so for those that want to, can compare notes with their own bankroll parameters.

An interesting aspect to this exercise is the risk exposure against rewards. Some players get caught up in wanting to end with a win and risk big chunks of their bankroll for a few units. Not wise. I think its wise to abandon a game that may be going south, then to start a fresh game when the sequence appears to have swung in your favour.
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Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2019, 12:42:40 PM »
Interresting topic but it’s really dependent of the system/strategy in place and the risk to lose your daily bankroll (after maybe 100 sessions we can start to have good idea). In the system il currently being perfectioning the loss of my system is around 500 units. I could hardly accept to lose more than 500 units in a session and i would take the loss if it’s happening (not happening yet on 2000 raw spins with 2200 units positive). I’m playing a kind of stacking plan with my systems with boundaries to move up/down steps on my balance at the start of the attack. I’ve currently 4 steps and was 2 times only on step 4 to catch the hit to go back directly at step 3 and recover. What i want to emphasize here is i can decide to do stop loss at step 3 and have a session bankroll of 350 units max but it could penalize my whole winnings in that case. After huge amount of testing i realized it’s very difficult but very important to evaluate this accordingly cause sometimes you can just lose or not being profitable at the end just cause you implement a stop loss little too early in your plan. I’ve a step 5 in my plan and i’m not sure i will involve it first cause i didn’t go there yet and secondly because it could lead for me to loose 1000 units if my step 5 lose and it could be the border of inefficiency in ROI term about my system. Maybe in the future i will restrict my strategy to go only to step 3 and take the loss. Another important point is the fact the more i go in the steps of my recovery the longer it could take to recover and i can hardly accept to play more than 100-120 maximum spins for a recovery.

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Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2019, 01:11:38 PM »
Jerome, you are speaking about a method I am not familiar with but I do get the basics of what you are saying.
With regards to "stop loss" I hear you loud and clear; it is not always the best tactic to use and I have have had occasions where I abandoned play only to see my number come up on the next spin. I really feel stupid when that happens. I also see it happen to a lot of other players at the table and more often than you Still, I find that employing a stop loss in my approach in a method helps more than it deprives me of winning opportunities. I continuously evaluate the unfolding sequence and based on that I will if necessary employ a stop loss but not always at a stipulated moment, sometimes sooner and other times I chase a bit but I always try and manage it accordingly.
Too big a bankroll may lead you to being over confident. My bankroll is the minimum I feel comfortable with and it is the maximum I am prepared to lose on a day. I have a bankroll to cover five consecutive days of loss at my disposal. In other words I have 1000 units to run my business with but I only risk 200 or less on any given day.
I started with one bankroll and built it up to 5 X the original. This is just another small aspect of managing my cash flow.
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Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2019, 01:23:43 PM »
I clearly understand what you mean but it’s very important to be confident of the stacking and stop loss and so the testing phase is very important in that way. It’s so easy to do things on excel but when you’re in front of the wheel and deep in the mud you can be underconfident at some point and not have balls to just follow your initial plan cause of psychological aspect of money and maybe some steaming/tilting if i take the poker terms. If you have a plan in the stone (at least mainly) you will have the guts to put the final one or two bets that will help you to recover. Otherwise it’s money lost in the long term. If the loss is reached that’s part of the game and we know it will happens at a ratio of our sessions but we are confident on our game cause we know at the end we are winning. It’s the approach i’ve now on the game.
About the career bankroll i will say it depends of the ratio you can loose your session bankroll. If with one year playing i see i’ve a small chance of losing my bankroll few times and quite never 2 days in a row i will be confident with let’s say 5 times (depends of the risk and money objectives won/loss). But for a lifetime i will say 10 or 20 times of you must live with that money is better.
We can even decide at the end if we see we lose our session only 5% of the time that we will take the risk the next day to play with units*2 to recover faster.

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Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2019, 04:37:33 PM »

BR and unit size? I always find the unit size question kinda funny. I dont know your finances.

For myself, I use $25s. I did a few posts in the past, I will repeat though.....

BR = x4 of a gross win.....lose it? DONE

Stop for the day = x1.5 of a gross win.....DONE

For myself using $25 chips >> $3,500 BR
$1,300 net (after tips).....DONE


Smaller scale, $5 units. >> $700 BR
$250 net (I round down) DONE.


The above quote from Ken taken from page one of his Hot Repeater System states his preferred daily bankroll which equates to 140 chips. His target/goal is about 37% of his daily bankroll.

Although we don't play the same methods the bankroll aspect is similar in value. Interesting.



Re: Game Parameters: Bankroll....
« Reply #6 on: January 14, 2019, 07:28:54 PM »
I am not as well structured as Micky or as deep in my analysis as Jerome but I have a bankroll of 3000 units and my daily win goal is 16.67% of that bankroll.  I seek to win at least that amount through 8-10 individual sessions of 60 unit wins.  I rarely see a game where 1/3rd of my bankroll becomes involved and I begin to implement stop loss procedures once I reach 1/2 of my bankroll.  I believe in ending a session on a win (at least one) but at a certain point I realize that its not worth risking large amounts to win all losses back and thus accept a loss that I am statistically expected to recover at least 2x or more.

I lack imagination and so this is the reason I have so many units as my bankroll.  Maybe one day I will learn how to get that down further.